What Wu Xiao Lin taught me about WEIGHT LIFTING
- A tiny Chinese massuese at that!

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Well, so I’ve spoken tomes about Miss Lee, haven’t I?

Her of the hill fame, and really SHE was the spark that started it all, although I didnt know that. And while Carol was the “candle” in that regard, and once that candle burnt out it all POURED out … Ann Lee was the one that without knowing it started what might just be the greatest fitness movement of the CENTURY, my friend.

Or all times.

The 0 Excuses Fitness movement – truly a system and a way of life that is getting people into super shape and fitter by the day, minute, hour, clock.

Marc once told me that the MGTOW line of thought wasn’t so much “dictum” as philosophy, and as always he was right.

Back to clocks though …

Back in the day in Southern China, pre Xi Jinping “Yellow crackdowns” and what not, them bordellos were operating OPENLY.

They still operate, except not quite as openly. Hehe.

But back in the day, you could walk down the road and see barber salons, massage places, even the legit ones, and just about anywhere and everywhere offering extras.

I’ve written BOOKS on it. Hehe.

But this isn’t the place to market them, at least not openly, hehe.

The puranitical lot have probably already spilled their Starbucks coffee on their little wittle keyboards. How dare I say it, hehe. (well, actually I did to all the girls I’ve been with, but thats a different tale!)

Anyway … it’s no secret yours truly loves a good massage.

NOT so much a foot massage tho, which are and were all the rage in China.

I dont know why. Maybe because my feet dont hurt.

Or maybe because of the YOWL I once let out when a lady’s high heels smashed me on the SIDE of an ingrown toenail I had to get operated …


Or maybe just, I dont know. The way these girls were “dehumanized” while doing it if you get my drift.

BODY massages were what I liked, and still do.

Anyway, point of this?

Back in the day, I lifted weights.

Got the comments of “huge forearms and biceps etc” while getting progressively weaker and more broken down by the day. At the age of 23, I was a mess!

I mean, really.

My shoulders, back and knees HURT.

I had NO stamina. NONE at all!

And especially my shoulders.

Enter Wu Xiao Lin, one of the TINY girls that used to massage me.

And she was STRONG.

She could probably have picke dme up, and I weighed three times what she did and thrown me out of the window if she wanted to. Believe me, them girls are STRONG!

When you can do 500 fingertip pushups per workout, so will you …

And there is a reason I write about MASSAGE being an EXCELLENT and overlooked tool for RECOVERY (no hanky pankey, hehe) when it comes to FITNESS.

Because …well, it is!

And anyway, she’d dig her thumb in RIGHT INTO that shoulder joint.

That, by the way is a special way of massaging the area that I have not written about as yet, but will in an upcoming course on it soon . Stay soon – it will help A LOT of you out there struggling with injuries etc.

She’d dig her thumb in, and I’d SQUEAL literally – like a BABY!!! 

(It amused her no end too, the big foreign devil squealing when a tiny little CHinese girl so much as “touched” him, hehe. And so it should!) 

It was that painful.

Then she’d move things around.

Click, clack.

And after a while, I’d feel great (until after the next weight shate session).

Ditto for my thighs. She used her elbows for the thighs and calves. 


It hurt like NOBODY’s business.

And that, my friend, is a tale ALL OF YOU weightlifters and boobybuilders and pumpers and toners can relate to – not to mention the injured shoulders and BACKS.

Right NOW?

Them massuesses – I tell them to go HARDER. Hehe.

And believe me, they’re strong.

And right about now, other than “sighs of relaxation and pleasure” (no hanky Panky Xi, hehe) – you won’t hear NARY a peep outta me. 

And if there is one reason I could give you to get on a decent exercise program now, it is IT.

Take care of your body, my friend.

It’s the only one you got.

Take care of it, and it will REWARD in you in ways you never thought of!

As for Miss Lin, well, I’m glad to have been of “service”, hehe.

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee aka “Mou Ha The” (Chinese name, hehe)

(dont even get me started on “Michael”:. LOL).

PS – In terms of decent exercise programs, start HERE.

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