The Fatberg in Brum that just won’t budge
- Ahem!


The Universe talks in the strangest ways to us. Yours truly was looking at an article on the plague in India on See-en-en (See how Liberal we are basically) – and saw the following headline.

A 330-ton fatberg is clogging an English city’s sewer, and it won’t move for weeks

Well …

Ahem! (for those in the know, hehe).

It ain’t the Bozo clogging the sewers – although given some of his recent comments that caused me to “blanket Bozo ban” (and remember, Glyn – if you overstep the line, brass you know whats – ahem – await – not to mention a rather “uncomfortable” trip to you know where that happened around this time last year) his IP’s and such which he was trolling from – if it WAS him, I’d be happy.

Good riddance to bad poo I’d say.

Or ALL poo.

But clearly, this is about something else other than the Bozo. (although he weighs about that much).

The mammoth mass of waste stretches to more than half a mile in length and weighs 330 tons, Seven Trent Water said in a statement.

Burgin blamed unflushable products like wipes, diapers and sanitary products being flushed in England’s second most-populous city.
And he issued some alliterative advice to residents of Birmingham: “Our advice is to always leave leftover cooking fat to cool, before disposing of it in the bin and to stick to only flushing the three P’s (pee, poo and toilet paper) and bin anything else.”

Knowing the Bozo, I’m sure he’s contributed in no small part to this. His cooking leftovers usually went – guess where – bones and all – right into the “hole in the ground” …

UGH. True story!

But anyway, what does this somewhat sort of funny bit of news given the context we’re talking about have to do with fitness?

Well, it’s this my friend.

There’s fat bergs on the SURFACE of the planet that are even worse than those “submerged” deep within if you get my drift.

There’s literally tons of people weighing a ton and more that their only movement isn’t for weeks like the sewer fatberg.

Their only movement for YEARS is as follows – bed – living room – el “throne- computer – couch – bed.

Perhaps dining table as well if I were to be “generous”.

Other than that, these mammoth tubs of lard do nothing but eat, drink and stuff their gourds all day while trolling away on social media or what not, whining and moaning, getting fatter and more miserable by the day, and in general blaming everyone and anyone for problems they caused themselves.

To me, it’s these lazy fatbergs on the SURFACE that are causing more of an issue on planet Earth than anyone else … and it’s these nuts that need to be addressed first.

When I first went to China, I remember commenting upon the size of the helpings back then in China when you ate out (back in 2003 they were somewhat smaller than what you and I would imagine).

Jim took a look at me and laughed (my boss).

“Neither you or I need any more food than they’re giving us!”

He was right in a way.

And the Bozo, and the rest of the human fatbergs need even LESS.

Anyway, what if you want to eat up – drink up – make merry – and still make stellar gains while burbing the candle at both ends?

That wasn’t a Tao PO, by the way. Or maybe it was!

Well, you can – and you can’t.

I wouldn’t recommend it long term, but occasionally, and short term – if you’re on this program – then you’ll turn into a lean and mean jaguar even if you stuff your face with junk all day.

And if you choose to go “sensible” and stop burning the candle at both ends – my oh my.

You’ll truly reach “super stud” status with this course faster than ANY other course can give you.

Jump on this now, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another great little course to banish the fat is Animal Kingdom Workouts – you simply must check this one out too.

PS #2 – I ain’t no expert on the UK, but does “Brum” tend to attract more nutjobs than the average big city anywhere in the world? If anyone knows, let me know!

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