More on why I consider lockdowns to be a DIRECT ATTACK ON FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!
- Because they are.

I have said it before, my friend.

And I have to say it again.

In 2020, we saw the plague from China spread globally – at a level no-one ever (except those that created this mess, and we all know who did!) thought it would.

And of course, countries globally with the exception of a few SMART ones locked down.

We’ve been over enough times with the examples etc on this, and why lockdowns did NOTHING other than kill economies and more people than any plague from anywhere ever could, and despite some of us saying this ad infinitum, the sheeple locked down, and … well, the result is there for all to see.

Spain just got out of a strict lockdwon for six months.

And already the damn thing is returning.

One of their ministers said rightly “we had this problem in March 2020, and a year later?Same damn thing!”

I dont, of course know why the sheeple continue to bury their heads globally. They’re idiots yes so they didnt listen the first time around.

But NOW??

With all the mounting evidence that lockdowns don’t do a goddamned thing in any positive manner?

More lockdowns!


It’s an assault on freedom and DEMOCRACY EVERYWHERE!

I mean, tell me this.

Last year India and South Africa stopped liqor sales of all things, and from what I hear this year same thing.

Every time in India, and I’d imagine South Africa and a few other places there is any sort of problem, what happens?

Liqor sales and tobacco sales stop, despite the FACT that these sales aren’t a huge problem normally – and the fact that of course once they re-start … well, prices are jacked up x 10.

A great customer made the following comment.

“If they did that in the UK, there’s be blood on the streets, the only way they can lock us down is by ensuring people have access to their tipple!”

I get it. I paraphrased what he said from memory, but thats the gist.

I mean, really.

You’re locking people down for years and years, and they take it, and you can’t let them Drink – AT HOME – with online deliveries etc like with anything else?

It’s inane, insane and PATHETIC TO SAY THE LEAST!

I wonder if someone will get back to me on it?

Some Bozo made the statement about “more hospitalizations in South Africa”.


I’ve seen no evidence, not even a shred of evidence, that allowing liqor sales during lockdowns does anything at all negatively.

IF anything, people in the Southern Indian state of Kerala were being admitted to de-addiction centers left right and center last year!

And drinking aftershave etc.

You can’t FORCE people to do anything, my friend. The Prohibition in America and Speakeasies etc are a prime example of that, as is bootleg liqor etc in the Middle East?

Why not be smart and make a compromise with people instead of just driving them into the ground?

Ah, but wait.

I forgot.

thats the very point ain’t it!



Or, I’m telling you, the time wil be too LATE  later!

STOP this apathy!



And anyway, I’m glad that lockdowns haven’t extended to doing what they do in China i.e. not letting prisoners workout.

Yes, no beefy prisoners in China like in the US of A and elsewhere, they’re usually wrecks and hulls.

The Chinese are nothing if not diabolical and smart when they need to be!

And that, my friend is that.

I’m sick of the nonsense.

I hope you are too!

And in the meantime, remember, Pushup Central is ragin, frothing, and ready to GO!

If you ain’t got your copy as yet, do so NOW.


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – I ain’t talking bars etc in terms of lockdowns, I dont support those being closed either, but hey, whatever. But when you intrude into people’s homes?? NOT ON!

PPS – Have the idiots, Tom Tom’s and Bozo Jobs that tom tom lockdowns as being the be all and end all of global “saving lives” B.S. – have YOU Ever considered how many KIDS LIVES – YOU – yes, YOU – that advocates lockdowns for YEARS and YEARS – have RUINED?? I bet NOT!