“It felt like I was shaking Rambo’s hand”
- So they said!

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In 2007, I used to work an I.T. job in India as a decidely non “glamorous” role of systems analyst – something that bored me to tears, almost to death, hehe.

After six months I approached the big boss about doing sales, he agreed (almost before I asked, it seemed!) – and all was SET.

A couple of months later I left that job, then landed ANOTHER One – where I sold myself into the position basically -and backed it up with results from day ONE to BOOT!

Yes, the experienced sales guy they hired wasn’t all that experienced in terms of “months on the job” – but in terms of selling?

Hey, I’ve been selling either myself, or my products, or SOMETHING – since day one.

We all do, whether we’re aware of it or not – some do it better than a lot of others!

Anyway, back to the first job.

My “supervisor” (when I moved to sales – before that it was the VP of Operations or something) was the “Sales manager”.

In layman’s terms, they both reported to the big boss who had hired me, and who really made all the decisions, called the SHOTS …

And every time I shook superivor’s hand, he said the following.

“It feels like I’m shaking Rambo’s hand!” (every morning). 


A programmer there, a solid guy that outweighed me by a ton it seemed said the following, except in Hindi.

“Iska Haath shake kar ke maza ata hai!”

“It’s fun to shake HIS hand”

The Rambo comments were made because of grip yes, but my long hair played into it too!

And oddly enough, the Rambo like grip only really came when I was in TOP shape – all over my body.

Every time I’ve been a phat phocker, I’ve still done pull-ups etc.

I’ve still had a stronger grip than most people (no, I wasn’t born with it – it was the exact opposite!).

But … the X factor.

That unnatural PULL to my grip – it only came when I was in super shape throughout my CORE!

YES, weight transfer works not just in terms of punches, but GRIP too!

“You pull people towards you!” multiple people have remarked.

So true.

And that can only – I repeat, ONLY be done with a solid BASE first – when you’re GROUNDED properly – BREATHING right … and so forth.

Trust me, its one of the X factors you have to feel, not just read about. You’ll understand what I mean when you feel – and DO it!

In fact a year or so later, my grip was still strong, but decidely WITHOUT the X factor – as others noted too “his grip has gotten a bit … I think weaker?”

They weren’t able to place it.

It was the X factor.

My “phat phock” period was about to start, though I didnt know it at the time.

Anyway, why remember Rambo all of a sudden?

Because this morning (and last night – but we’ll get to that) – I was mucking about with a makeshift bow and arrow of all things!

It isn’t one of the tools I use in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness.

But it’s an ancient art, and done the way the ancient warriors did i.e. carrying that bow and arrow (and spear, and full set of arrows) for long distances, walking with it, shooting with it and all that – Spartan stuff basically – it all gets you in great shape!

And I’m not even talking about the Olympic sport.

But Rambo – again – that iconic image in II or III? Where he shoots his bow and arrow, and literally blows helicopters and trucks to pieces with each shot!

Last night, I was watching a movie or two – one about “ancient times” and the above sort of fighting was in evidence.

Then I watched one set in “today” – and this one about knife fighting, which if you do it right – one of the DEADLIEST skills you can ever, ever learn … at least that is what I think.

It’s one thing to practice and get good with a gun.

But when you’re in close quarters, MORTAL COMBAT! – and dont have a gun, or can’t use it, or whatever … then that knife comes in damn handy, as Special Forces globally will tell you!

“Rambo” isn’t telling you need to be an expert in guerilla warfare, hehe. Although given how the world is going, it wouldn’t be a bad thing!

But what I AM telling you, my friend, is that these ancient methods, tricks and techniques used by the old time strongmen do work – and how.

And I will cover a LOT of them in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness!

And as you think of me “long haired”, with a bow and arrow ready to take down the SJW’s, liberals, Nazi feminists, libtards, Bozos, and Butt lovers (nah, not the last one, hehe, although yours truly is a leg man mostly) …. I’m out!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Learn how to get a Rambo like Grip here with Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!). 

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