My prices, Chinese parents, jumping rope, and more!
- HA!

This should come across as more “good news” (not) for the Bozos who complain about the price of my , in my UNABRIDGED and NOT SO HUMBLE, yet CORRECT OPINION – that – my products are very reasonably priced for the VALUE youget – lifetime value!

I realize no matter how much I say this, some may not agree.

But I just saw this on the news –

Some Chinese parents are paying as much as $50 an hour to have their children tutored for jump roping

That was the headline I saw.

Link here: Some Chinese parents are paying as much as $50 an hour to have their children tutored for jump roping (

Now, this is good news – but in reality, as I told a certain “Yiyi” last night – despite all of China’s (and the CCP’s) shortcomings, they ARE trying to do SOME things right.

For instance, the horribly inflated housing bubble.

They DID try and fix it – by changing the rules to no longer allow houses to be “easy investment” a couple of years ago i.e. “houses are for living”, as the current slogan is.

Unfortunately, much like relaxing the one child policy in 2015 – a case of too little, too late – definitely too late.

The current policies against ESL and the dancing monkey nonsense – all very good though in my opinion. No country wants Tom Tom’s, illegal Schofields, and Bozos…

’nuff said on that one!

But anyway , the Chinese have been really addressing the problem I raised in my last email – ie. childhood obesity, and health related problems, dumbphone addiction etc.

From limiting the time one can play video games on Tencent (if you’re a kid below 18) to other more restrictive measures (I’m not talking about their de-addiction “camps” here) – to making physical exercise far more important in school, gotta say they’re at least trying – more than other nations are I’d say.

  • Schools in China must host annual jump rope tests for children from first to sixth grades. The tests have a grading system of Fail, Pass, Good and Excellent.
  • Students must skip 17 times in a minute to get a passing score in the exam, but those aiming to get a Good result must do more than 87 jumps. Boys would need to make 99 jumps to reach an Excellent result in their grades, while girls need a bit more at 103.
  • With so much on the line, some parents are now enrolling their children, as young as 3, into jump rope schools in order to secure a better chance to get into good schools. Prices for the lessons vary from $15 to as much as $50 an hour, with one-on-one lessons going as high as 2,000 yuan (approximately $309), state-run China Daily reported.

Well, well, well!

$50 eh.

(Thats per HOUR. Remember it’ll take MANY HOURS to perfect the skill, or even get GOOD AT IT!)

Take a gander at what my world class course on jumping rope i.e. Jump Rope MANIA! is priced at.

(for a LIFETIME!)

And believe me, my course aint just for kids – it’s for ADULTS too.

And it WILL get you in the best shape of your life nigh quick – without a single other exercise in tandem!

Sure, you have other exercises in the workout section, but those that have got this course – they KNOW how jumping rope will FRY your entire body and wipe you out when you start – and advanced stuff – well, even when you’re a long way down that road.

Back to Chin a…

17 times in a minute is “pooh pooh” stuff for me, but the leap to 87 – now that’s SOMETHING at least.

But really, for me, a passing grade (I know, I’m rather strict) would be what the Chinese are terming as excellent i.e. 99 plus jumps in a minute, meaning 2PLUS jumps per SECOND.

For me, good would be knocking off 150 odd in a minute, or 100 “advanced jumps”.

Excellent would be a variation of both the elementary and advanced movements – at least 200 a minute!

Believe me, when you can get to even PASS level at my course, you’ll already be in great, great shape.

Anyway, thought I’d share that for the idiots wanking bout price, price, price.

So sick of hearing that word, hehe.

I mean just get the damn course already and be done with it…

And thats that from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, available in paperback too! (Hardcover too).

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