Since Yiyi Wong wants me to be President of the United States…
- ... geez, really!

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I gotta say it, the Chinese holiday is definitely upon us. Hehe.

October 1 National Holiday, and like Steven from good ole “Communist California” (or so it seems, hehe with their Governor) said – “lets shake the tree a bit and see what nuts fall out”.

So, Miss Yiyi it was, that chose to take an English lesson (some online something somewhere) and of course, first thing she studies is news.

“I just study news as China language teacher tell me!” (apparently some Chinese guy was teaching her English). 

And of course, the news was all Anti Trump, and about racial attacks against Asians or what not “because Trump called it the plague from China” or some rubbish.

I tried to refute that notion, but I knew – losing battle.

Interesting, or maybe not, that out of all the news to study on a national holiday in China, they’d pick that!

Of course.

So I focused on Biden, told her about how HE is really the one trying to destroy the country – while Trump is a patriot – which he is – clearly evident to anyone with half a brain. (or less).

You may or may not agree with Trump’s methods, but there are few greater patriots than him willing to fight for his country, a cause, what he believes in!

My sort of guy – I’m the same sort! (of course, ya’ll know that).

“I dont want focus on Biden or Tramp! They both have policy not good for China!”

Of course, explaining to her that Biden was a wet dream for China – anotehr losing battle.

“Ms Meng dont do anything wrong!” 

She finally agreed to THAT at least i.e. the fabled Miss Meng attempting to defraud the US by doing business with Iran (by proxy, through HK).

Really, the way Biden sent her back – a disgrace – she should never have been let go – this will just embolden the CCP more. Hostage diplomacy, and all that liberal rot!

Anyway … she keeps telling me not to discuss politics “because it’s China” and “because police man would put in jail” or something. “for 24 hours” (apparently thats the time frame).

I told her no, not as long as you dont directly criticize the CCP – they could care less about other countries politics.

Funnily enough, Ms Yiyi is the first one to bring these discussions up.

And then, of course.

“But you no look American, you look like from other country!”

Gash. The old blue eyes nonsense as a certain Ashley and so many others said.

“I wanna see your passport!”

This after she said “But I just stranger for you, why you talk to me so much!”

We all know why I do, including her. Hehe.

“I think you have rich experience talking to China girl, or Lady!”

I asked her what the difference was. Hehe.

She said “You know clearly”.

well, can’t argue with that last one, Yiyi!

Apparently she had some idiot ex boss (supposedly American) who claimed that “her English pronunciation was bad, so anyone who would understand her voice “was not American”” (I wonder if this buffoon was from Cameroon or something).

Then she went on about “But Obama is American, I no mean you no look American!

So I asked if only Obama and certain other types “were American”.

Really, and this is a well traveled lady, she’s been ALL over the world.

China, you beauty, in 2021, not to mention the unwarranted suspicion, though thats what you get with Chinese state media repeatedly potraying handsome foreign devils as spies that steal Chinese state secrets by romancing Chinese women.

Not that I would romance, of course. Me. No way!


Then, perhaps the most astounding comment of all.

“You can be US President!” 

My God, Jesus in Heaven, why would I WANT to be in politics in the first place!!?

I told her that in no uncertain terms, attempted to introduce But(t) Butting Bozo Glyn to her to have a bit of a laugh, but she pooh poohed him off.

“I no want”!

Back to the Presidency.

“You can TRY!” she told me.

Um, no thank you Ma’am.

I sure wouldn’t want the hassle.

I’m happy enough selling my stuff, being a great writer that people LOVE – and the bodyweight (and other) exercise GURU. Hehe.

Presidency, I’ll leave that to the Trumpinator, Senatorship, to Herschel! Hehe.

I’ll support ’em both though, hehe.

Like the Bozo once said about WeChat groups.

“Nah, I’ll leave the groups to Rahul!”

He got THAT right, at least …

Anyway, the level of sheer idiocy boggles the mind, my friend.

Maybe I should get Yiyi on the 0 Excuses Fitness System, clear some of the cobwebs out.

Come to think of it, there wouldn’t be any point anyway.


But there IS a point in YOU getting the above system, my friend.

Keeps you young , fresh, lithe and agile till the day you pass, and more … 

Get this NOW, my friend.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Schofield, if you’re reading this, do message me your WeChat, she hates doing housework too. You’re certainly in demand there, just keep “nose outta ass”. LOL!

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