Why the word “drifter” is often misused.
- By the Tom Toms ...

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A customer (long term) of mine once recently made this comment about me.

“You have an interesting lifestyle with the way you move about. I wish I could do that!”

He meant every word too. Hehe.

Ties into what I keep saying about the reason people complaining so much about me and ranting behind my backs about “what a loser he is” or “he has so much money, gives us nothing!” and so forth?

THEY want the same thing, except they have found every excuse to justify the lack of that same thing in their own lives, therefore…

I get it – why wouldn’t someone want it?

Charles was right!

But anyway …

(I mean , think about it – a business that pays you as you move about – quite literally while you sleep – a lifestyle people can only dream of in terms of “new and interesting things” – and of course, if you’re a guy, ahem… the gals – and not just that – just, different places, interesting, different cultures, so forth!)

Everyone wants it, precious few have the gumption to say “screw you” to the world that wants you to do the polar opposite, and then do what it takes to create that lifestyle.

Some dont even believe it’s possible, which hey, I get that .. – I honestly do. I didnt for a long time myself (but I still always wanted it!)

But anyway …

My Uncle once asked me the following (I believe when I was 19).

“What do you want to do?”

He broke cardinal rule numero UNO, of course, which is to do the thing first – and tell people later!

Knowingly or not , I have always followed that one sage rule!

And many others…

He then went on to say “I could do something definite, or “be a drifter“”.

Nothing wrong with either one of the following, he went.

I remember thinking.

“Duh, Uncle. Tell me something I DON’T KNOW!”

But I kept my mouth shut, hehe. I always do!

Thing is though, there is often confusion between the terms “nomad” and “drifter”.

Charles Mitchell, my great customer and ex cop from the Big Apple used the term “nomadic lifestyle”, and he was right.

A drifter, as Napoleon Hill famously said in his books is someone who has no definite aim, goal or purpose in his life (Bozo Schofield would be a nigh perfect example of this).

(Which is why I dont despite my numerous talks about the Bozo, ever tell him to “change”. I advise him, yes, but he wants to drift and be a loser – hey, who am I to change him!)

But thats never been me. I’ve ALWAYS had huge goals, and I’ve met each single one of them.

Of course, when you “dont do it as the world expects, on THEIR TIMEFRAME and conditions” – then you’re a drifter (curiously enough, they find the time to chat to drifters, these so called doers, hehe) …

(pretty much what happened in Rambo I – i.e. the guy was just looking for a plac eto sit down, recuperate – he wasn’t a drifter by any stretch!)

Nomad is anything BUT a drifter.

Just WHY would someone not want to live life with full freedom as I’ve described above is beyond me, of course…

Maybe the Tom Tom’s can chime in and tell me !

Anyway, Id rather be confused as a “drifter” than not be a nomad, or semi nomad.

To me, what people say and my own words even dont matter.

When people tell me something like that, it causes internal giggles of the sort Bozo never got from any girl laughing at him. Hehe.

And so, I let them say it, then I do my own thing.

So should you – and thats a lesson in itself in terms of doing your own thang, bro.

Or sis, what have you, or, if you’re Bozos tranny (that one he’s after now, some of the stuff he’s been saying, I gotta wonder, geez) …

Anyone, really…

Alright, thats that for this one.

Remember, this is yet another thing SO GREAT ABOUT ALL MY FITNESS PROGRAMS!

You do them ANYWHERE.

On the road, in hotel rooms, even out while drinking beer (I still remember showing my buddy from the Marines Hindu Squats while drinking.

“I hope these tight jeans dont rip”, I quipped (I was wearing them).

“We dont want that!” he riposted back.

And that, my friend, is that.

Now, i dont know what you’re waiting upon if you ain’t yet got the System, truly the best fitness system out there…

And since I’m sick of telling you about offers, rewards, and so forth, I’ll just say this –

BE A DOER – not a “booer”!

And I’m out.


Rahul Mookerjee

Truly, friend, doing is the ONLY way to succeed in life. NO SHORTCUTS!

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