“Monkey see, monkey do” …
- Funny, that recollection!

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This one isnt part of 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections, haha.

But … it happened a few years ago, or perhaps a couple, or … I can’t quite remember.

Anyway, India – the city I’m in – yet another one of those “india quirks” is that along with the cow, the monkey is considered holy too. “Hanuman” the “holy monkey” is venerated in the Hindu religion – and he was STRONG too in lore – lifted up a hill in the palm of one hand, a mace in the other, and flew over to a king to hand him a special herb that only grew on that hill.

“Sanjeevani”, if I got it right.

Dont ask me what that means, hehe.

But much like the tale of Adam and Eve, and Moses parting the waters, and other such “religious tales” – and the “vimanas” and “Garudas” in India – I take all of this with a pinch of salt – in any religion, or said text.

In India though, it is what it is.

And if cows routintely sit in the middle of the roads and cars manoveour around them (I remember – I did it way back in the day!) – then the monkeys and stray dogs show up where people live, and often “terrorise” them.


Late at night, you’ll have stray dogs after ya.

And monkeys, those apparently show up at any time “when they want” and apparently it’s NOT acceptable to ask the civic authorities to either neuter them, or put them in shelters or what not.

Apparently they can be worshipped, but not “taken care of”, and apparently theyre free to roam free, spread disease – bite people (I believe my Mom once got bitten) – and so forth.

TII (This is India. Hehe).

Not so far off from TIC (This is China) back in the 70’s … LOL!

Anyway …

So there I was, in the park.

IT emptied out pretty quick (well, it was the afternoon) when the monkeys showed up.

I believe I was the only one left doing my monkey bar swings (literally) – and thick bar pull-ups from a swing set.

Now, the lead monkeys were approaching the swing set, so I walked away – no sense in pissing hungry and sometimes rabid monkeys off!

But a curious troop kept looking back at me as I did my monkey bar swings, then off it was to the dipping bars.

And soon enough, I was the one looking back – and lo, there the monkeys were – two of them, squawking away excitedly and doing those monkey bar swings just like I was, two at a time, “Da Xing Xing” style – and one was even doing his (or her) version of a one arm hang!

If the whole scene weren’t that damn hilarious – you know, that sort of hilarious where even laughter fails you – I’d boom in laughter.

I didnt though, since that would probably alarm them.

But its funny, and ever since then, my daughter and I have had a standing “monkey see monkey do” joke about it, and I told her there’s nothing to worry so long as she doesnt carry food and stuff (or handbags, hehe) near them.

They’ll usually leave humans alone for the most part, provided people dont feed them bread and other nonsense they shouldn’t be in the first place (much like the nuts who feed black bears “because they need the food” – I mean jesus, did God forgot to dole out the BRAINS?? Like the Bozo, certain people got left at the end of the line on that one!).

But anyway – lesson YOU can learn from this?

We all know how damn strong monkeys are.

Chimps have been known to attack and kill full grown crocs, and if a baby monkey got a hold to your little finger and squeezed, well, YOU would cry like a baby, my friend.

We all know how STRONG these simians and apes are as well – even in terms of sheer lifting power.

Gorillas can lift TEN times their bodyweight, for one!

And the way apes and monkeys – and other primates, from whom WE (and modern day man is a flabby MESS – and joke – in terms of the real man he was MEANT To be, and the flabby mess he IS) are descended get so strong – is – you got it.

Natural movements.

Climbing trees.

Doing all sorts of pulling movements.

Monkey runs (which I explain in Animal Kingdom Workouts -a superb exercise!) (along with the many other great ones there).

But most of all, for apes, it’s the swinging from tree branch to branch that really gives them that Tarzan (or Jane) like BRUTE strength, my friend.

Just like there is no exercise that makes you feel like pull-ups make you feel – if you’re interested in a strong GRIP, my friend, there is NO exercise- I repeat – NONE that does the trick quite as well and QUICK as monkey bar swings (with thick bars) do!

Believe me on this one.

You want your forearms to pop, you want the veins to show, you want an unnaturally strong pull to your grip, you want HUGE forearms, fingers like a vise (and grip) – and so forth – THIS exercise is one you must, simply MUST – I repeat, MUST – get damn good at!

Most adults ignore this, even those into Cross fit and similar styles of training.


And there is a reason I include this in the Gorilla Grip book – as well as Battletank Shoulders – and Pull-ups – from STUD to super STUD – within WEEKS! as a basic exercise you need to get damn good at before you move on to the meat of the matter (in those books).

So, if you want Tarzan like grip strength, you know what to do … and which exercise to focus on the most ..

Get started now, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pre-orders still going for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – for those interested in knowing how Gama, and a lot of the other old time strongmen trained with “implements” and other weights – and clubs, kettlebells (the only section remaining) and so forth – get your pre-order in NOW. Truly nothing like this course out there, and you’ll see what I mean when it’s finally out!

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