The Bozo is busy, and “Dirty Harry” vs “Dirtee Brown”
- LOL ... It's hilarious!

First off, guys – and gals, hehe – heads up!

Glyn Bozo is busy. Apparently the tranny he was pestering finally “blocked him” (judging from some insane nonsense a mutual friend (or contact) just sent me i.e. “Glyn is just a total LunATIC!” was his message, I’m copying and pasting)) …

So he’s busy.

And he’s on this site as well.

And the other ones.

And he’s been signing yours truly up for a barrage of strange newsletters.

Whatever comes to his Googly fingertips, I suspect. lol.

But it’s hilarious – for two reasons.

One, because Glyn Bozo doesnt know how these subscriptions work – and even if he did after reading this, I doubt he’d understand.

Any email subscription of any note requires you to CONFIRM your subscription, my friend.

i.e. click a confirmation link in the email you get after signing up.

and a lot of YOU after signing up have forgotten to do just that – therefore, yall ai’t getting the emails.

Beats me why someone wouldn’t click the link if they actually did sign up, but many people don’t!

Perhaps I lose subcsribers that way, but not sleep – I’d rather it be that way than anything else i.e. people that sign up actually care enough to CONFIRM their sign up.

Far improved delivery, sales, everything, all foreign terms for Bozo of course.

So Glyn, simply putting in my email address to a bunch of sites to “get my attention” just won’t work. Hehe.

He truly has no idea how many peoplle, women included are LAUGHING at the mugshot he keeps posting on social media … lol.

(Glyn, you’ve truly been OUTED in more ways than one. Hehe)

But anyway … that aside, reason number two.

Lots of you know, (and the idiots don’t) – I’m a huge fan of the Dirty Harry series.

More so the Dollar Trilogy.

Anything with Clint in it, I’ll watch!

Even “Million Dollar Baby“.

And I see why. Hehe.

From the crankiness to the slim and lean figure “hanging off a barside ledge” in one of the Dollar movies – to effortlessly pulling himself up walls (Dollar trilogy) to doing one arm pushups at 80 PLUS – I do it all – I can relate!

Right down to the brutally honest nature of what Clint says.

And Bozo loves calling me Dirtee (China style) “Brown” of course. That was the very basic of his racists nutty rants i.e. “all Indians or brown, or whatever Bozo thinks” are “dirty”.


Even the old codgers in “Sardar Udham” would look at the Bozo askance, so batty is he.

But anyway, I wonder if Schofield knows I LOVE being called “dirty” – right down to the stubble.

Maggie, of course apparently was calling the “coffee dirty”. LOL.

Apparently the word “latte” was foreign to her, which hey, China, Chinese, gotta give them a long ass rope …

Shit, best not to use that second last word, Bozos be lurking and reading and sniffing.


But anyway, Clint is a great, great example of natural fitness.

Super fit.

Lean, mean, trim and toned.

And the two courses I have that will get YOU into the shape of your life – best shape – quicker than even 0 Excuses Fitness

Advanced Hill Training

Animal Kingdom workouts. 

BOTH these courses can be done on FLAT LAND too, yes!

And you need to get the FIRST one first, as one works up to the other, the other feeds off and GREATLY Expands the first.

Have at, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Glyn, you FOOL! It’s truly pathetic, lol, my friend – that he’s run out of EVERYTHING he can do, and this is all he’s got left in the tank.

As Dejon once said, “Glyn is truly obsessed with you, Rahul”.

Poor guy, hehe. (me? – what a “not” honor)

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