The type of hands every REAL MAN Should aspire to have
- IT came out as "MAM" the first time. LOL. I'll explain more later!

My own hands are small, and as I’ve been told growing up – “weak”.

And I admittedly had a very weak grip growing up, which I later parlayed that weaknesses into one of my biggest strengths – men three times my size and physically far stronger – martial artists – wrasslers – alike – are all taken ABACK by the unnatural and ferocious pull I have to my grip.

“you’ve got the PULL!”

My words do too, hehe.

Ive never seen ANYONE with an unnatural kungfu like grip like that!

Vincent, you’re right. Hehe.

Very few – and YOU are one of them. It comes from WITHIN.

And I say all this not to brag about my GOrilla Grip (braggarts and Tom Tom’s – few things I dislike more in life) .. but to show you and tell you what is POSSIBLE if you DO.

Anyway, growing up …

your fingers are slim and artistic“, my aunt said wistfully once. (I was taking her picture, I believe, and her feet were showing – and she said NO!)

(apparently those were BIG feet – and not “photogenic” or whatever she said).

Schofield would probably go bonkers reading this, hehe.

“Surgeon’s fingers”.

“Talented fingers”.

True, I’ve always had slim fingers – and SMALL hands.

If you think most macho men need to be BIG?

Well, you’re wrong.

It’s about the size of the fight in the dog, friend, not the size of the dog.

Look at Sly Stallone for one, his hands are uber small, I once remember an ex saying she put her own hand in a “bust” he had in NY or something, and … her hands were bigger, couldn’t fit!

Mine are small too.

Good things come in SMALL packages – DYNAMITE, ever seen the great Tony Greig (no more with us) comment on “Little Kalu” and the pocket rocket dynamo that the master batters were – Sanath Jayasuriya, and Romesh Kaluwitharana?

Probably not, if you did, you’d know …

but anyway, in the Bourne Identity, you (in the book, which I’ve said so many times, as is often the case, as was the case with Jurassic Park – the BOOK is far better than the movie adaptation) … you read about the drunk Doc commenting on Jason’s body.

“You have the body of someone used to physical labor, lots of it!”

“Not an athlete, not a jock, but someone whose does a lot of manual work, moves around a lot!”

For an ex CIA agent … well, that observation was spot on.

Given he saved Bourne, maybe he wasn’t quite as drunk as he made himself out to be (then again, he went sober for a fortnight or so first!).

Ah, that movie, the book, one of my all time favorites, but anyway, yours truly?

I can LOOK at a person and in an INSTANT – size them up – and tell you if they’ve been involved in physical activity or not.

The tell tale signs are ALL There, and it ain’t obvious signs either like cauliflower ears on wrestlers, for one.

You observe closely, you look at the way the person moves, the BENT to his hands – and even the feet can tell you a LOT about a person (well, thats in a woman’s case, since mens feet are usually covered) ..

Por ejempelo, lets talk Bozo here.

He’s short, squat, a cockwomble and fat as phock.

But he’s also got uber tiny hands, and when I shook his hands first time I met him, Jesus!!!!!!

Charles his friend had a weak grip too yes.

But it was just a weak grip, nothing else.

Bozo – positively limp “dead” “cold” fish x 100. UGH!

I didn’t shake his hand once more even back then when we were still on speaking terms, I just got a creepy “ewww” feeling from him.

You can tell a lot about a man the way he grips, friend.

Anyway, Bozo’s hands – soft, effeminate … weak sweaty palms (in the middle of winter) … spindly fingers…

A true troll’s hands, never done a day of honest work (or, has been noted on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page) – a day of exercise in his whole LIFE.

I could tell all that by looking at Glyn from afar.

Then the neck, the traps.

ANY man – a real strongman – those traps will stand out. You can’t miss ’em!

The LEGS – and core.

They dont necessarily need to be in super shape “12 pack” lik emine.

They dont have to have a movie star look about them like mine do – a side effect I NEVER thought about.

But you’ll see, the thighs will be big and strong, the core will NEVER be flabby – a mess like again – a LOT of modern day men (and of course Bozos) have.

Anytime I see so called real men with soft hands and a gut hanging over their pants like that, I never fail to hide my contempt for them, though I do a good job of trying – a great job, but still, the contempt SHOWs.

So it should be, what a pathetic – PATHETIC – caricature of what Mother Nature intended men to be …

But the hands, my friend, are the most obvious giveaway – if you take the time to look.

Personally for me?

Small hands.

But they’re always rough, calloused, no matter how much lotion I put, no matter how many calluses I tear.

Fingers banged up and thick, yet slim from all those years of fingertip pushups

Wrists SMALL – yet, you can see the strength

I dont know, you’ll hav e to do the thing to understand what I’m talking about.

But those, if you’re a real man are the attributes you should aspire to, friend – at least that would be my advice to you.

Take it or not, up to you!

Anyway, on a more laughable note I’ve been getting emails from CockWomble Schofield to the tune of “I like dog shit” (i.e. apparently now he’s into that).

This guy is truly batshit, and didnt get the memo on signing me up for newsletters etc either, hehe, that it just dont work. (like he wants it to).

But he has nothing else TO do, or can do, other than whatever Bum’s ass he can stick his fat nose into, hehe.

Good part, what I didnt mention yesterday?

Some of those people that he trolled with my info, they’re signing up HERE – and buying from me.


Glyn, you, my “friend” are truly the best gift a sales guy could ever hope for, except most wouldn’t see it.


Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, cockwombles are people I do NOT want to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System along with the lookie lou’s, Bozos, idiots and morons, price wankers and so forth.

Everyone else – MOST WELCOME!!!!!

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