“How do you know it wont”
- The wrong question to ask, my friend.

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My friend,

I will never forget the one night I was introducing the exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness to one of my friends (from the Marines – an ex Marine) with tons of pre-existing hip and knee injuries.

The exercises I introduced MOST to him were the Hindu Squat – and the … I believe the bridge, but mostly the Hindu squat, an exercise that does tremendous good to the entire body, internal systems of the body – in other words, it’s not just “an exercise to build the legs”.

Sure, you will build thighs like oak trees if you do this exercise regularly. Sure, the Gama built those tree trunk like legs that way!

Sure, if you read 0 Excuses Fitness – you’ll know that along with pushups, the Hindu squat – and other squats I talk about perhaps in Isometric and Flexibility Training – are the CORNERSTONE of my fitness programs, any of them.

I know guys that can squat 500 or thereabouts, but can’t get into the patented “Rahul Mookerjee” squat with nothing on their back – or even close to it – which, my friend, is just pathetic.

For a long time in my life, even when I was overweight, squatting “on my toes” was no problem for me, even a deep squat.

But the patented style of squat I teach you in Isometric and Flexibility Training, now THAT was always an issue – until the last couple of years or so.

This one exercise, my friend, not only greatly benefits your entire body, but also REDUCES – GREATLY – the time you spend on your fitness program – in and as of itself, it, like the bridge, is a GREAT core and lower body – and leg exercise – while you dont even “feel like you’re working out” when you do it (when you start to get to be able to do it).

Anyway – where was I.

So, I was telling my buddy to bridge – and do the squats.

And his response was “great, but … ”

But what, I asked.

“I dont think I can do them. Ive got pre-existing injuries”.

Which to be honest, I’ve seen plenty of people with worse injuries do these rehabilitative exercises, so I told him ..

He wasn’t having any of it though, hehe.

“How do you know it wont cause more problems”.

Again, I explained the case studies – the real life examples – my own examples – and finished off “just give it a WHIRL aka TRY”.

Can’t hurt, I grinned.

Just TRY it.

“How do you know it wont cause more problems”.

My reply was, “how do you know it WILL“.


It’s a classic example of “expecting problems to happen”, my friend.

True, if you were to spread your arms and jump off a building like his cat once did – you might be better off thinking “what if” in that case.

The cat, of course, landed on its feet 16 storeys beneath – and was perfectly fine. Hehe. I’ve written about that before.

But exercise wise, why not do the thing – and expect something GOOD To happen, my friend?

Especially when you’re being taught by “Mr Brutally Honest” …

Of course, the usual thought processes played out in his mind most likely.

“He’s not a doctor”.

“He’s not a millionaire”, so “how does he know”.

And so forth.

But it’s stupid, my friend, to “expect problems” – and not even try.

Ditto for the people that have got it into their heads that “overhead presses” (weight wise) – and “handstand pushups” – are “bad for the shoulders”.

Even accomplished athletes – Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla, an accomplished boxer – have these ideas occasionally.

I dont know, if they’d just TRY it once – much like I once got my ass whopped in the boxing ring (I believe that email has gone out about 12 times alredy, hehe – I dont know why that keeps going out – I didnt set it that way – but hey, I loved the experiences, so perhaps the emails “love it too”!) ….

They’d become believers.

To finish this off, of course, here’s what a great customer from the UK once said about the “best darn exercise ever” – he said it’s his favorite book (that I’ve written) (apart from Animal Kingdom Workouts and Isometric and Flexibility Training) …

THIS book – Pushups – REVERSE PUSHUPS – the best DARN EXERCISE! (0excusesfitness.com)

The ONE exercise that will give you the CARVED ABS look you so desperately WANT.    (that was me) 

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you.

– John Walker  (from the UK).

Remember, this is a former Samurai, a guy thats been into heavy lifting too – and exercise – the RIGHT kind – all his life!

And that, my friend, says it all.

Just give it a shot, friend.

You might well be “nigh” surprised!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ditto for those of you with knees you consider too banged up to do sprints.

They might be banged up – NOW.

But, despite what the “docs” say … just TRY some of this stuff, and you might just find that “degrees” and other rubbish paperwork (ever note how it’s always “kosher to get MBA’s for one” – and then those some MBA’s always complain about not being able to get hired at “what they’re worth”) dont necessarily make a man (or woman) a genius.

It’s real life, learning in the trenches that does – and produces RESULTS.

Trust me on this one.

I’ve been told I’d die before the age of 30 – that “I’d never get that fit” – that … I dont know, all sorts of pills and other nonsense was required to cure my “liver issues” (genetic mostly) and other nonsense.

I disregarded all of the advice, and was roundly booed.

Good thing I did, if I TOOK the advice, this here site for one may not even BE there…

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