Man – on a – MISSION!
- YES, that is how it is, always has been!

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Have you seen the Denzel washington movie “Man on Fire“?

I think they have two movies out by that name – I saw the first years ago, and to be honest, I dont think it’s one of the great actor’s better movies.

It’s OK dont get me wrong – Denzel makes anything watchable!

For me though, he’ll always be Alonzo Harris, the cop “el supremo”- cum- bad guy in Training Day …. ALWAYS!

I’ve never seen a better movie of Denzel’s than Training Day, though I’d say there are many – “Flight” being one. Then there was “Malcolm X”, then the movie about the submarine, and so forth.

Like I said, he makes anything watchable!

Great actor, and coming back to Man on Fire, look at the cover photo, and you think one thing – and he IS one thing in the movie – MAN – on a – MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big time!

Thats how I’ve always been, my friend


It’s either the whole humpty or NOTHING AT ALL.

You either love me, or you hate me. There has never been any in betweens, and this has caused a lot of strife and grief over the years to many, but thats how it is, and how it shall REMAIN.

Anyway …

I was rifling through some photos – as an idiot Maggie said, “such old photos”.

And two in particular caught my eye.

One was the picture I took in front of the harbor in Hong Kong not so long ago – the “movie star” picture.

Without trying to be one.

I love that picture, yes, mostly because it shows me as being HAPPY.

(PS – This thought just came to mind – Bozo, our famous by now “friendly corner bum” is now trolling me with “Dejon the N word” – and so forth. Apparently he didnt let him do you know what based upon what the Bozo is saying.

The entertainment NEVER stops with Glyn. Hehe)

But anyway, mostly because it shows me in great shape, being happy, it was one of those on the spur of the moment pictures I took – oddly enough, when I was SUPER stressed out due to some visa issue I was having (believe me, I was stranded in the Kong at the time with nothing but the clothes on my back, and what I had in my trusty backpack, which wasn’t a lot at all!).

And it was “swollen to the max” after buying “beauty products” for a certain Carol when I was there (who could care less about the situation, hehe, so I never told her) – but thats OK – I was returning a few favors!

Mailed it off to her, she got impatient “when will it arrive”, I told her, check the goddamned postal service (HK post has a fine site) … she didnt listen, and so forth.

But anyway … that women for ya!

They want everything yesterday”, dont they, John. Hehe.

But anyway ………..

The other picture, and surely my all time favorite, me climbing … the HILL!

The same picture as on the 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections page, which a lot of you have expressed interest in (and if thats you, for God’s sake, why not just GET the book? ) …

(it’s one of the most inspirational collection of recollections out there!)

Starting at the bottom of the hill for my THIRD climb.

All alone, out there in blazing, steaming HEAT AND HUMIDITY!


Broad shoulders, non existent waist, powerful chest, slim, strong legs …

All paints a picture of male desirablity, I know.

Yet, more than all this, what strikes me is the POSTURE.

The WAY I’m climbing the hill – walking up it – the RIGHT way – which most do NOT walk up hills that way – to their detriment (and thats why I teach you the right way in Advanced Hill Training).


Those calves!

And if you look at my face, in the by now famous photos .. it screams one thing.


And I sure was, with those climbs that almost killed me – but what doesnt kill you will make you better and boy that was truly the case for me – and still IS!

Sure, I dont do those extreme workouts anymore – for now.

Maybe I will in the future.

You dont have to do ’em either!

But, they get you in great shape and every serious fitness enthusiast has done those solid workouts for a period of time at SOME point in their life or the other, in SOME way, shape or form.

I can almost feel myself on the hill out there NOW.

I’m RARING to go!

It was like YESTERDAY, literally!

And … that is how YOU should be when focused on a mission, my friend.

Fitness or otherwise, MAN ON A MISSION is how you should identify.

And your numero uno mission for now should be to get into the best shape possible – with MINIMAL INVESTMENT.

Or very little, and certainly no idiotic equipment either.

If you want to learn how to do that, well, the 0 Excuses Fitness System teaches you.

Get you some now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Possibly other than chinning bars, the only book in which I talk about training with equipment, and the only book I’ll probably ever do on it – and believe me, it’ll be a STUNNA … go place your pre-order for it now –Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness!!

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