Friend, please leave REVIEWS!
- Genuine ones at that!


I’ve gone hoarse saying it, but a LOT Of you – as of late … you’ve bought plenty of products!

Animal Kingdom Workouts, Jump Rope Mania, Shoulders like BOULDERS! – and of course 0 Excuses Fitness – these are but some of my great, great products that have been going – like HOTCAKES!

But, leave REVIEWS, my friend – I’ve said this so many times!

Just click the link in your download email, and leave – a REVIEW!

If you “dont know what to write”, just write what comes to mind, and we’ll go from there!

And that, my friend is a powerful secret indeed, if you can spot it. 

Back to reviews? 

Just DO IT my friend. 

I’ve sent you why you should do it (ie the reasons). 

So now, please, for the nth time – Just STEP Up – and leave a review, and just do it!

I’m going to be looking very soon for a list of DOERS that have heeded this email and left a review – WILL I SEE YOUR NAME? 

I hope so. 

Really, just do it – it costs nothing but a miute of your time, and helps everyone immeasurably, and keeps trolls away too!

Thank you!


Rahul Mookerjee

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