I’ll work with you, my friend.
- I really will, and always have! (if it's GENUINE).

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“I’ll have to pass, Rahul, thank you very much – it is still a bit much for me at this point!”

That was Clare from the UK emailing me – yes, with regard to Battletank Shoulders!

YES, that is a course that is for serious female trainees too!

She is a Corrugated Core fan already, so wants more (I dont blame her).

Anyway, this lovely lady didnt notice the returning customer discount …

I told her about it.

But basically, it was about “even with the discount, it was too much for her i.e. the book above”.

Which I get, hey.

My response to this sort of thing – provided it’s genuine – has always been, and it always WILL be – to work with YOU on things!

If you truly want it, my friend, you’ll find a way to get it.

Some of my BEST and most COMMITTED “lovelies” (nah, hehe) – customers – the DOERS – have done just that.

Some of them have literally moved mountains – at home and otherwise – with the Mrs and such – they will never say this, of course (they’re too humble usually!) – but they DID IT – on their OWN – to get my books.

Some of them – a LOT of them – do these workouts religiously almost every day and swear by a lot of them.

And believe me, it takes guts if you’ve REALLY got genuine issues – to talk about those to folks selling products etc, and requesting discounts etc. It is not just as easy as “can I get it for less”, a doer will NEVER THINK that way – it takes guts to ask for help. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that (way too less than I should, hehe, but I know!). 

Trust me on this.

And when I see people like that, THAT is what I want!

A huge smile breaks across my face – I’m more than happy to work with such people on anything!

Training advice, help, cost, pricing, just life advice in general, anything – I’m happy to do it!

Because that is what I want ABOVE ALL.

Sure, the products will be priced at what they are NOW.

The price will go UP as I see fit – it would not be any other way, and why? Because these are the best damn products out there, and anything less would be disrespect, period, and you guys know my thoughts on that!

My time, my work, the RESULTS this work gets people, the sheer TENACITY and “bull dog” like effort, the learning in the trenches, passing it on to you – all of that costs – and costs big.

End of the day , though, just ask my best customers.

I’ve always worked with them on price, because if they have genuine issues, hey – I get it!

What I want is DOERS to get my books – and then do – and then BENEFIT – and then share how THEY BENEFITED – from my stuff!

I repeat, I dont want Tom Tomming – sure, if you write to me (in the review, as one man recently did) about “crackling writing” – then I really do appreciate that, and it’s true too! – but (and he wrote more, I’ll share later) – what I really value above all?

Is how these products have helped you, YOUR thoughts and so forth …

And THAT is what I myself share on my site, because that is what it’s all about – getting YOU in the best damn shape of your life, ready to tackle damn near anything and then some.

Feeling good, looking good, the whole shebang – YOU!

It’s the price wankers, do nothings, morons, trolls and the lunatics – and those that again, DO NOTHING – that I cannot stand, really cannot stand.

So there it is, friend.

Remember – you’ve got less than 12 hours now, I believe to claim YOUR COPY of Battletank Shoulders – WITH THE OFFER GOING ON – and gain access to one of the most elite fitness groups ever i.e. those that are on these workouts.

Move aside Crossfit, martial arts workouts.

All of those are great.

But sheer workout brutality and toughness, as a customer once said, they will truly turn you into a part Gorilla – even if you dont want that, or aren’t thinking about it!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Other great offers HERE.

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