When you overcompensate for weak triceps with an ultra strong grip (IF You have one) …
- More common than you'd think...

Lots of lessons here in this email before the “obligatory” “push to buy” (you should – it’s worth it, so I do it all the time!) … and this is more common than you’d think.

Not so much the “push to buy” – although given the inane marketing emails showing up these days, maybe that too.

But it might surprise you – or it might not that even supremely fit people in most regards – lets say yours truly a few years back – or lets say swimmers that focus only on swimming and very little dry land work (MISTAKE!) – or pull-up studs – can actually have weak triceps.

Now, I tell you in Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! – that FORM is paramount.

There is a reason I tell you to do the dead hang first – with the RIGHT GRIP – the way most people grip is WRONG – and get damn good at it before you start on pull-ups.

Most people take forever and a day to get to the point where hanging on for a minute without flailing about/falling off is child’s play – if they ever get there (because they dont want to put in the hard yards).

After that, I tell you NOT to kip.

I tell you NOT to use momentum – even a little – and NOT the legs, even though the styles of Pull-ups I teach in the advanced “Pull-ups from STUD to Super STUD! within weeks!” – and Battletank Shoulders are done, to the surprise of many, WITHOUT legs crossed.

There is a reason for that!

And tricep strength, or building the necessary strength in the arms overall and the grip is why.

Remember that instance when yours truly was pounding out 100 pull-ups per workout – but no pushups – I was ignoring them big time – and then one fine day I thought I’d pump out 50 – could barely do 15 – and I could barely lift up my arms to shower an hour later.

I told you about that.

I know I did!

And it bears testament, yet again to these facts – one, despite what most people think and or are led to believe, pull-ups DO use the triceps – big time

Two, form is paramount, and the reason is to build tricep strength.

And three, and SOME of you – especially me a few years might notice that sometimes, even when you’re doing pull-ups in strict form, after a certain level where you get the advanced “crush” Gorilla Grip – your grip takes over when your triceps are fatigued.

Often times, it’s happened to me during high rep pull-up workouts – it happened to me today too.

The form was a BIT off – by a mm or so, which is a lot for me.

But my triceps were fatigued, but as soon as I transferred focus to my grip – BANG!

I shot up like a rocket, almost – almost crushing that thick bar I was doing my pull-ups on (another secret right there to a Gorilla Grip).

And this happens – this is exactly why I do NOT advocate the kipping etc Crossfitters are told to do …

True, in real life you rarely do pulling movements in super strict form.

But in real life, if you’re doing it right, your triceps are already strong enough from plenty of pushing etc on the ground – which they aren’t for most people these days.

Unless you’re beyond the age of 60 or so now, most have probably forgotten what solid pushup workouts feel like – if they’ve ever DONE any.

So, all of this speaketh “testament” to the efficacy of pushups, and why you simply must include them, all the variants, in YOUR ROUTINE – daily!

Lots of the pushups I teach work the shoulders and back heavily, but you should also focus big time on the boxer pushup and other “tricep” pushups I teach in Pushup Central to really hammer those tris.

Even if you all you want is big arms (notice the language above? hehe) … then the triceps will do the trick.

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, contrary to what most people are thinking doesn’t just focus on grip and upper back etc.

Triceps are hugely and heavily worked in the course too – in most of the exercises.

You’ll see when the book comes out.

Last, but not least, the obvious.

Grip (and punches) is/are often the LAST to go on a man – a real man.

And if there was any more reason you need to build a coruscating, ROCK SOLID grip, I’ve given you plenty, eh.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee