10 kg mudgar provide MORE than a solid workout – for most of you.
- Start - SLOW!

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If there is one thing I keep repeating in the videos – much as I do with breathing in the 0 Excuses fitness system, it is THIS.


I know the gym goers and “so called gurus” and “look-see’s” in general will scoff at starting with 5 kg or less – as I advocate.

Even yours truly, bodyweight guru par excellence trains with 10 kgs most of the time, and 20 a couple of times a week.

For maces, I’ve gone 25 kgs, but no more – as yet.

You dont NEED MORE than that.

And you won’t be able to DO MORE than that, trust me, workout wise when you first start, EVEN if you’re a seasoned athlete – swimmer – triathlete – wrestler (well, maybe then) – or boxer (maybe then) – or martial artist – or whatever.

The clubs, and maces – have a way of HUMBLING the giants, my friend.

Due to the distribution of the weight, they just FEEL different, and you’ll see what I mean – especially when you workout not just with clubs, but using them as part of a routine with other bodyweight exercises or other implements.

Trust me.

Higher weights may sound cool.

But much like in the gym with “bros” injuring themselves left right and center piling on more and more weight to the bar to “show” God knows who they did it – much like those banging out shit pushups and claiming they did a 100 – see Fast and Furious for more on that – there is no point.

Check your ego in at the door.

This week, I received an email from someone in the Ship (I’ve been posting some videos there as well NOT accessible for “free” as on my You -Bube Channel) ..

This was before I made the public vidoes that I have.

This gentleman did not heed my advice about BEING DAMN careful with these, and the swings when TIRED. (see the video on Boob Tube for more on that).

No boobs,hehe.

He didnt listen to me when I told him to start with 2kgs.

“Humph!” he went. 

“I’m not so weak!” 

And all the talk in the world wouldn’t dissuade you would it, my dear Peter.

Thankfully it was a bump, and he got away with a bit of a sore jaw and nothing else, but it could have been far worse.

Folks, again, please.

And this is yet another reason I’m putting out some videos for ALL of you to see for FREE – START – SLOW AND EASY!

More weight is great, ONLY WHEN YOU CAN do a lot of stuff with, i.e. MASTER – and that’ll take some of you a lifetime – the “lighter”clubs!

Same thing for maces – and kettlebells.

Now tyre flips and chain work, thats a different story, and one I’ll talk about in the book, and coming emails.

For now, PLEASE – again – heed my advice.

And place that pre-order, folks.

For some of you, it’s long overdue, so get it over with and DONE – NOW!

I look forward to serving you with the very best!


Rahul Mookerjee

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