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Dear Reader,

I’ve been going FAST AND FURIOUS Over the past few weeks – literally – and I’ve been amping it up as we hit the year end.

Part of my goals is 10,000 rope jumps in ONE workout – and for it NOT to take forever.

Given 2000 currently takes around 13-15 minutes for me, that isn’t as astronomical a goal as you might imagine!

But, baby steps.

I didnt get there over night.

And daily, to get to that goal – I haven’t been hitting max and going for broke daily.

I do 1500 one day, 3000 the next, 2000 another day …

One day, the magic number will come – when it comes – I’ll be ready for it!

But thats a personal goal for me …

Anyway, with this jumping rope routine, you can imagine I dont need much, or any cardio at all – but I still get in my Eat More – Weigh Less workouts – I even put out a brief video on that the other day Ie showing you how to go in reverse, and how it can give you a great , great workout, and the incline on which I do it.

That park is an oasis, quite literally!

Along with this, I’ve been doing some advanced bridging – on which I plan on putting out another book.

Bridging, I’ll have y’all know this RIGHT NOW, my friend – is a FULL Body workout!

If you follow what I tell you in 0 Excuses Fitness, you KNOW this already.

Believe me, when you add gymnastic bridging, and some of the other variants you’ll see in the book sometime next year, you’ll quickly realize the truism of “focusing on ONE exercise” and MASTERING it fully – be that the pushup – or pull -up – or even jumping rope – or the bridge – and therefore, NOT needing much of anything else at all for the whole body.

If you want to place a pre-order for that book, contact me – sales page ain’t up as yet, but that will happen soon too.

Then, of course,my regular pushups, pull-ups, club training, and more …

So the days have been rather full in that regard!


But today, while out there, at the end of my workout, I felt the need for … less.

Not more, less.

And I walked away from the workout area to an area with a lot of trees etc, an area which is almost “forest like” in that the sun doesn’t quite penetrate the foliage, and there I was – just sitting there, doing nothing, blissed out for a good half an hour or so.

After this, I walked around SLOWLY again – just a slow, gentle walk – nothing else!

Sometimes, my friend, you need the time – and space – to zone out – especially given all else going on around us.

That doesn’t mean you stop doing what you normally do, your workouts etc, but you ZONE out a while.

Upon returning home, I got something to eat, and then again – laid down to rest, doing not much of anything at all.

This was supposed to be written a good two hours ago… All OK, it happens when it does, so to speak!!

So ying and yang, my friend.

You mix in the slow and relaxed with the Fast and Furious.

Same thing with workouts, I’ve been saying this forever.

Sometimes you go HARD.

Other days, you just do SOMETHING.

Yet other days, you do “normal”workouts.

Sometimes, you might do two or three short workouts over the day, sometimes one long one …

And so forth.

Key lies in switching it all up and the variety that makes it possible, and 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend, provides that variety.

As an aside, I’m really disappointed that some of you, especially some of you that are my most loyal supporters have not taken advantage of some of the great offers we have going on.

These offers are for YOU, my friend, I would not put in the time and energy needed to create them or think about them if it wasn’t for you ..

And your support is always required, and invaluable, my friend.

You guys have been great overall, and I dont see that changing, but some of you – well, it’s time to (or, its WAY OVERDUE) “do the thing” as it were.

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Place your pre-order for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness HERE.

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