The secret key to bullet proof and PAIN free shoulders. . .
- It might not be what you're thinking!

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No, I’m not going to start this one with something about my Lumberjack training, or Shoulders like Boulders! training – all of that is well and dandy, and all of that, along with my other routines I keep pushing, will continue to do so, and rightfully so – will build Brahma bull like shoulders and traps that pack more of a punch than you’ll ever get hoisting weights in the Jim.

Trust me on this one.

What I’m going to talk about is painful shoulders – or creaky traps – or “hamstrings that never quite stretch all the way” (if you’re like me) … and so forth.

And what I’m going to talk about is not just feeling great once those things are resolved, but a pain free upper body – and IMPROVED performance at – get this – your strength training.

I’ve told y’all the stories of the Chinese massuses digging their thumbs deep into my shoulders – this was when I was a “big guy” (read “fat”) … and me yelping with pain (which was a source of great amusement for them).

Ditto for my quads (OUCH!) – and my calves – and my feet (the soles).

I’d literally CRY out loud as they used their elbows to work all the kinks out in my muscles.

I dont know if it was coincidence, I dont believe in those, but though I wasn’t obese or anything – I could barely run around the block without collapsing – or climb the stairs to my fourth floor apartment without panting up a storm.

My training methods (pumping weights) and lifestyle had something to do with it, sure.

But the other issue was something I did not know about until MUCH later – even after  I put out 0 Excuses Fitness and such.

When I first started jumping rope, I noticed something odd.

Despite being officially obese at the time, my calves and thighs never really hurt or burned (dont get me wrong, I felt it, but those areas were never really sore the way hill climbs made them).

It was my HAMSTRINGS that were sore, if I really noticed.

It was hard to walk after a great jump rope workout – no long strides as I usually take – which was a direct result of hamstrings “too sore and complaining”.

This, my friend, is what I am talking about with regard to your upper body too.

A lot of you are studs at the regular pushup, for one.

But when it comes to reverse pushups, bridges and such – not quite.

A LOT of that isn’t necessarily your strength quotient not being up to par.

It is LACK OF FLEXIBILITY in the shoulders – and upper body – especially with reverse pushups and such (ditto for lower body).

You might be shocked to know, my friend, that a lot of my prep for the 10,000 jump rope in QUICK time (I dont plan on an hour long workout) – involves not rope jumps or quad work.

It involves STRETCHING.

Man, the SIGHS I let out upon stretching a muscle fully – the sheer bliss – cannot be explained in mere words!

There is a reason I wrote about “I’d prefer isometrics over an orgasm”. Hehe.

It’s true – not entirely, but you get the point!

My isometrics that I teach you in the great book “Isometric and Flexibility Training” (I use the term “my isometrics” because no-one out there teaches them like I does, I’ve not even seen it in any other books or manuals) … they dont just make you feel like you’re on Cloud Nine.

They lead to improved performance in jumping rope (that example) or reverse pushups – or any other exercise you choose.

My friend, if there is one course you really must pick up here – it is the book on isometrics.

Along with that …

Most of you have placed pre-orders for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness for “size and strength” and “massive upper body”.

Strong chest.

Corsucating grip.

The RUSH and THRILL that comes from hoisting heavy stuff – or pulling out – REAL heavy stuff, strongman style.

I get  it.

Hey, there is a reason they call me an Ironman!

But what you’ve likely missed is what I keep talking about on the sales page, and everywhere else – FLEXIBLE shoulders, traps, chest, and upper body.

THAT – my friend, is one of the huge benefits of training with clubs and maces for one.

The way you move your shoulders through a wide range of motion, circular motions and such – simply cannot be beat – or replicated – with other movements (even the Hindu pushup).

And the clicking, clacking, and all that you hear – even on my videos – its stuff realigning, getting back into condition, and making you feel GREAT.

As an aside, right now, I keep trying digging my own thumb into my shoulder joint with all I can muster.




Far cry from back in the day, though I loved those days too! (for reasons other than fitness if you get my drift)

So if you have not placed a pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness as yet, my friend – NOW is the time to do it. Along with that, be SURE – damn sure to pick up Isometric and Flexibility Training too!

Start building your bullet proof, PAIN Free shoulders today – that alone, my friend, should be incentive enough!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Dont even get me started on the boobybuilders that can barely lift up their arms to put on their shirt, or have heart attack while hanging paintings up or what not. Ugh. All covered in the Shoulders like Boulders! page.

This is an awesome book if you want to build grizzly bear like “raging bull” strength you CANNOT and will NOT be able to build from any other movement, period. Read the reviews, and get it NOW.

PS #2 – If you want to go ADVANCED – Battletank Shoulders is the ticket. You will literally turn into “part gorilla” if you can even do 1/4 of the workouts I give you at the end of the book!

PPS – For those of you interested in freestanding handstand pushups, another massive shoulder and upper body builders (and fat blaster) – THIS is the “bridge” you must pass first before you get there.

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