Why But(t)ler Bozo Schofield posted that insane pictures of himself “face down” on social she-dia…
- I realize I forgot to explain. So, here goes.

OK, so for those of you that are tired of Bozo Schofield by now, this email might be a “browse away” email.

Although I dont know, lots of people secretly write back to me asking me “what the latest is with Glyn Bozo”.

Much like onlookers at the world’s biggest, fattest, lard-assiest roadkill, ya know…

Gaping and gawking has its benefits especially when folks have nothing better to do at home (well, for some folks).

Anyway ………

(and remember, even if you’re not into Bozo Schofield Tales – there is a solid fitness link at the end of the email, so scroll down or whatever to get to it in case you don’t wanna read about the Bozo first)

For those in the know about Bozo Schofield, and most of you are, it’s well known he used to “get paid” at his monkey job – promptly get drunk for days (bender Bozo) – throw more hissy fits (you should have seen the fits he threw until he got paid about non functional washing machines for one. Apparently washing machines are one more thing that cant’ stand Glyn) – and then showed up at the corners, not so much to prostitute himself out (We’ll get to that soon) – but to hire hookers.

Not for what you’d think.

Glyn’s first message to them was to lie down, and do nothing.

He’d then go “nose deep” in their wazoo, and wank something with his other hand, and that was the sum total of what he wanted to do with the 2000 or so kuai he paid them per pop (they would have done that sort of thing for free, but remember, it’s Glyn, women don’t want to touch him with a bargepole, and hookers, even the trannies, are “women” after all) …

(I won’t even get into the tale of Glyn and his tranny here, though I believe I mentioned it before)

Anyway, between getting deported from China and then landing up in a Phillippines slum or what not – I’m not so sure he didnt do jail time in the Phillipines, but I dont know – he lost access to, or lost the damn – dumbphone he stole off someone before.

Upon returning to the UK which is when he started his racist memes etc, it seems he finally got one again.

As Chuck said – and he is probably right on this one

“Glyn is making up for lost time without his phone”.

And apparently Bozo lost the picture of the one hooker that was his favorite posterior wise, and decided, since thats the next big thing according to Glyn i.e. “coming out is NORMAL!!!!!!!” he keeps saying like an idiot i.e. if you’re a closet faggot, come out with it and pester all and sundry, to Bozo that is “normal”, or the new normal or what not ….

He decided to put himself up for “sale”.

Apparently some idiots out there will buy that sort of bloated beached whale that is a burden on the couch and humanity in general, and as far as the “goo” he posted on there, I won’t even go there. It’s nasty, you guys can use your imagination.

(Seriously, remember, this is a guy who once took a dump in class, so with Glyn, the realms of what are doable in a sane manner get stretched big time).

And also because “since I lost access to the photo, guys, here, I’ll SHOW YOU!!!!!!!”

And show all and sundry he did.


Anyway ………..

That was why.

No-one asked, but I figured since I have mentioned it so much, I might as well do you the favor of an explanation …

And as for the fitness link I promised up there?

HERE it is.

Take action NOW, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I wonder if I should come out with the next bestseller “Bozo Schofield Tales”. Ive got enough to fill two volumes already! Hehe. “Glyn for wankers”, or what not. So many titles to choose from as well! Heh

PS #2 – Bozo Schofield keeps telling yours truly to “come out as well”. It’s a repeated wank from him … I don’t quite get it tho – come out with what?

The silverware? spoons? LOL …

Or the fact I write erotica, which is an open secret?

Not even a secret, actually.

Or, the fact I’ve been with more women than most men have in their lifetimes, some hookers, some not, usually most of the time on an unpaid basis (they were more than happy to pay) – and I was into “oral with me being on the receiving end”?

I dont know what the Bozo wants me to “come out with “.

But Glyn, if you’re reading this, I know you are, we’d all love to know…

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