Tight shoulders, pushups and more …
- If you have tight shoulders, this might be of interest.

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Lots of you have reported “not being able to go all the way down” in the good ole humble pushup, and the further down you go, the “tighter” it gets.

Not necessarily harder to push back up, though there’s that too for a lot of you.

But “tightness” seems to be the major issue a lot of you are facing (with that style of pushup).

Guess what, I KNOW the feeling.

Years ago, I too had this tight feeling in my shoulders when I did pushups all the way down and up in the right style – arms in the standard position.

This was years ago, of course …

I dont know why, but you see everyone doing pushups in the standard “arms a little wider than shoulders” position … I wonder why?

That is a great style of pushup to do, of course.

But it’s not the best by far, and even if it was – it isn’t the easiest on the shoulders by any means.

What I suggest doing in this case is two things – one, do MORE of them.

Which is self explanatory, but more importantly, I’d suggest the BOXER Pushup which I cannot recommend highly enough!

The pushup with arms held close to lats.

Contrary to what you might think, the “normal” pushup does NOT “bring out the chest more” – it is the BOXER pushup that really does it for chest, lats and triceps – while strengthening the shoulder region too. Don’t get me wrong – regulars are fine if you want to do ’em, but if you’ve got tight shoulders, then . . .

Anyway, just a tip – one that I posted in the Ship a while ago.

If you want IN, you know where to SUBSCRIBE.

I’ve already raved about the value – unmitigated value …

And while we’re at it, remember the recent “50% off” we had – other than Battletank Shoulders, which seems to be a course people are lining up to buy – Pushup Central was the other biggie that “sold out”, and understandably so.

Not to worry, plenty of stock on everything here …

Remember, pushups are probably the best thing you can do “now” i.e. drop and give me 20 or more – and get in the best shape of your life.

“Once you get that DEEP breathing going while doing pushups, you’ll never go back”.

And it’s true!

Get the course now, my friend. It’s damn good, and will do YOU a world of good too.


Rahul Mookerjee

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