Why – and how – this cat stays YEARS ahead of the pack – always!
- I am not even bragging here, its true.

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Do you guys on my list remember the “short workouts throughout the day” I keep promoting, and have been for years?

That doesn’t mean yours truly doesn’t prefer to do what a lot of his customers do, i.e. get one LONG – hard as heck – and GOOD – workout in, and then be done for the day.

For years, I’ve done just that!

And then I did “short workouts throughout the day too” before promoting it to you.

I did one big workout in the afternoons, then one small one at night.

And so forth.

Remember, all my techniques, exercises etc are guaranteed to bring YOU results if you do the thing, and therefore, GRAB the power.

Because .. for one, they’ve been put through the wringer. Everything I bring you is FROM the trenches, my friend.

Anyway, John Walker, a great customer of mine noted the following a couple of months later.

“I saw an article in … ” “saying exactly the same thing as you are- workout snacks, I believe they’re called”.


Once again, this CAT leaps ahead of the PACK.

And have been for years!

Now this morning, I’ve been getting hit by some silly dumbphone campaign with a kid and his Dad, they never talk anymore due to the dumbphone, kid thinks he’s become boring, starts bawling, Daddy does the obligatory “oh noooooooooo! It’s probably ME thats boring!” – and switches off the dumbphone to “connect with his loved one”.

Thats the campaign, anyway, by VIvo “switch off to connect with your loved ones”.

OF course, the ad is “guranteed to tug at your heart strings”.

For me, I don’t necessarily disagree with the premise of the ad, the message, but the way it’s delivered is sissy speak – period.

I dont know, sissies like Glyn will just love it.

Point being this though, my rants and dislike for the dumbphone, folks BEING on it while talking to me, the constant bloody notifications disturbing others – the annoying crap channels, videos etc with “laughter in the background” “Hahahhahahahahaha” (ugh) … and most of all, you’re talking to someone, that person cannot look away from the dumbphone for a minute, even when you ask them (pointedly) “if you’re busy, I’ll return later!” .

People in general have become so RUDE – and DUMB.


And they dont get it, do they.

Seems the dumbphone companies are finally starting to pick up what Rahul Mookerjee picked up years ago my friend.

I dont just STAY ahead of the pack. I LEAP ahead of it by years, leaps, and bounds. Kinda of like a tiger does – ever seen that tiger LEAP ?

Anyway …

I’ve been thinking tigers, and wild cats all day long yesterday.

Part of the reason – not all, but a big part for my “seer like insight” (as some have said) – the predictions into the future via dreams or otherwise that ALWAYS come true -my life tips – my success at what I do – all of it comes via my TRAINING techniques, many of which are modeled on the big cat – and other animals.

Trust me, these workouts do so much more than work the muscles. When you combine them with deep breathing, they work the BODY as a whole, they work the tendons – they strengthen the ligaments, they make the BONES denser and stronger – and so much more – but most of all?

They strengthen the MIND.

There is a reason, for one, the ancient Egyptian, and till date, many in India venerate and worship the tiger as holy, and “it can see into the third dimension”.

Watch a tiger stare into space, you’ll feel it.

You won’t just see it, you’ll FEEL it.

Especially if you see it in the wild.

Same thing for grizzly bears to an extent.

And these two animals are awesome animals to model YOUR workout on my friend.

Get started on Animal Kingdom Workouts NOW – and watch all the good that starts flowing into your life almost instantly!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We even have an OFFER going on on this, and Battletank Shoulders!

Both equally brutal courses, the brutal with or in the sublime, as it were.

And if you’re talking just physical?

Not to mention monkeys -and gorillas – the tiger can leap as high as 20 feet into the air and do amazing things – all in split seconds – and the gorilla has strength enough to put his entire bodyweight on ONE knuckle, and climb out of 15ft enclosures…

Now thats animal kingdom STRENGTH, my friend – the sort of strength YOU should have.

Get the course NOW.


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