More on “fat” VS “truly big”
- A certain Chuck may want to read this, hehe.

A certain “Chuck” may want to read this.

Remember him, the guy who even by his own admission is obese – and once claimed “uphill cycling is easier for his girlfriend” (who ain’t skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but not “fat” either) (at least, she wasn’t when I saw her) “because he has more mass than her”, and … i.e. what he meant was because he is a lot fatter than her, and therefore…

And, the same guy that bitched up a storm about a post on pull-ups and handstand pushups saying “you just say just do it, and that doesn’t help!” – which wasn’t even directed at me.

And, the same dude who claims he could, by virtue of his “mass” pick me up and throw me out of the window (I wonder if he’d still have a lower back left after picking up a wriggling mass like me. Hehe. Thats what I keep saying about odd object lifting in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness for one. It’s one thing to bench, curl, or deadlift while seated on your arse or your back – or standing – and a weight that is somewhat easy to grip and doesn’t move about – its quite another to say, press a beer barrel sloshing around with liquid – and fit human beings that know how to counter the move, well…)

Now, the cycling thing – I basically tried telling him “F= mass x acceleration”.

And if he was truly “big” and not fat as he claims, then muscle x acceleration produced by muscle actually makes you go FASTER – either uphill or downhill or on flat land – than someone with less muscle mass.

I swear, the excuses people come up with.

I debunked all the above very thoroughly in prior emails and you guys on the list have read about it many times – if not, search the site, you’ll find it here too most likely (i.e. those same emails posted here).

But for a minute, lets talk old time strongmen – real strongmen.

Lets talk people like say .. Alexander Zass, who I’ve been talking about all day today!

Him on the cover of my pathbreaking, world famous, much loved and much trolled book on isometrics – secret Russian movements you did NOT know about that will catapult your strength levels and rep counts for one to hitherto UNHEARD OF LEVELS – and boost your overall energy, health, flexibility (YES! most people dont think flexibility, but thats why the book is named “Isometric and Flexibility Training“) – and Sense of WELL BEING, and SANG FROID – through the bloody roof.

Guy that broke chains with his bare hands, bent bars with his bare hands (prison cell bars). (and escaped)

If you look at his pictures, he’s covered in a ton of muscle.

And look at the abs, sure enough, 6 pack ++ popping through .

But, there’s no “slim waist” – or even what you might expect from a “corrugated core” guy.

Yet, dude ain’t fat. There ain’t a lick of fat on him, it’s all muscle.

Reminds me of what my buddy from the Marines once told me when I was aiming for that look. 

“You dont look like you did before, but you’re not fat!” 

(He was referring to the “Eat More Weigh Less” look “before”)

That sort of training gives you a THICK waist, my friend, unless you specifically counter it with more intense cardio – think someone like Jason Statham for one.

Or, John Grimek, old time strongman who had the look down to a T.


Look at Doug Hepburn.

Neither Doug nor Zass would be called “slim” …

And, in some of the pictures, their stomachs look positively distended.

Yet, it’s muscle that is causing that to happen- and lack of intense cardio, but when you lift that much, you GET a lot of cardio anyway.

Trust me on this, if you don’t believe me, fill a 10 kg back with sand and try hoisting it overhead for 20 reps at a go.

Your heart will literally be thumping out of your chest – thats if you can get to 20 in a row, which most cannot.

Thats real BIG guys.

Not guys with bellies hanging down to the ground, not guys with “Dustbin Schofield aka Gyn” like man tits desperately flopping around, not guys with saggy massive butts..

Those guys regardless of whether or not they have muscle are plain ole FAT. Thats just how it is, friend.

Now, if you want LEAN AND MEAN?

Fighting MACHINE?

That look most of us so want deep down inside?

You look at me in Eat More – Weigh Less.

You look at some actors back in the day – Stallone in the 80’s, or perhaps Akshay Kumar, Indian movie star in the 90’s.

You can tell a martial artist by the way he walks – and the utter lack of fat on the chest (that is a huge giveaway area for most men) – and the core in general.

When I say utter lack of fat, I MEAN that.

But yours truly, in my bid to give you the very best – I keep changing looks in that regard too.

In Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, you’ll see a somewhat bulkier – yet still super fit – me.

Because that, my friend is how YOU will get if you do the workouts and routines from just that book, and nothing else.

That don’t mean you should do nothing else.

All depends on your goals…

Anyway, wanted to post that for ya.

Let me know what you think!


Rahul Mookerjee

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