Monkey style martial arts
- Highly effective in STREET fighting!

In that famous movie “Bloodsport“, you see blood thirsty fighters (some are literally blood thirsty) going at it – at each other – in the “then” Walled City in Hong Kong – literally an unspoken border within China and Hong Kong – WITHIN Hong Kong.

Truly the stuff of legend, that place – truly a lot of the dark stories within it (literally when you entered the building, all sun light just stopped coming into the damn place!) are true – truly GENERATIONS of families lived in that towering block of “apartments” – which was later torn down and made into a park.

That place was a haven for not just drug smugglers and criminals in HongKong though – lots of normal families lived there too, which is a fact oft ignored.

The unseen border, you ask?

Joe Biden, are you listening/reading? LOL.

Anyway – when the Brits took Hong KOng back in the day, part of the “deal” was that China would retain an “imperial” outpost within the Kong.

Obviously this deal was unenforceable, since the Brits wouldn’t allow the Chinese to show up inside Hong Kong anyway …

So there it sat, a no man’s land, after the Wars, as Hong Kong increasingly started to manage it’s own affairs (although with the Governor General still being from the UK) … even the Hong Kong police wouldn’t go in there until absolutely necessary.

Power was supplied there I believe, but the place had no “address”.

But what it did NOT have was what was shown in the movie i.e. the “kumite” fights shown in Bloodsport, supposedly occuring there.

(closest equivalent now to the hood in Hong Kong is Chungking mansions, Glyn Bozo’s favorite druggie hangout – but really, that place is mostly sensible businesses etc looking to escape Hong Kong’s impossibly high rental rates etc. Really, Ive stayed in some fairly decent budget hotels there back in the day …)

those fights did occur – somewhere – but not in the Walled City, my friend.

Basically fights to the death sometimes, you lose by either submitting, or saying “” … well, I forgot the word – or by losing a limb – or life – or worse.

Truly gory those fights, pre UFC I believe, and even messier.

Anyway, the movie showcases all the fancy martial arts kicks and punches etc – and the fantastic stretches done by Van Damme in the movie – the entire movie is worth watching just for those. Trust me on this one.

But the one guy they don’t focus a lot upon, some guy from Africa who constantly fights in a crouch.

He springs about like a monkey from place to place.

Suddenly, he grabs your ankle, your off balance, and BOOM!

Ape style fighting!

I still remember my buddy and me discussing this in 2019, long limbs swinging about, each trying to “get the other”.

One great thing about ape style fighting is it’s very SO unpredictable – there are no real rules, even no real training for it (unless you’re talking the kung fu style modeled on it).

And second, it emphasizes the cardinal rule of fighting bigger guys i.e. GET them off that base!

You get anyone off that base, onto the ground, then you get a chance to use your skills, your ji jitsu etc, but if you’re knocked out before that, fat chance..

Highly effective style of not just fighting (or street fighting) but MOVING about in general.

And that is something I’ve written about so many times.

In Animal Kingdom Workouts, I give you the basic version of moving about like a monkey, but there is SO much more to this than just what I give you in that great book.

Burning fat at record speeds, building muscle – tendon and ligament strength – all come from the basic moves, but in the future, and I tried doing this yesterday, but the videos didnt quite come out as expected – I’ll be coming out with more videos etc on animal like movements – taken to another level – BEYOND what you see in the book.

And, some basic movements as well – you’ll love the videos, many of you already are, so stay tuned on that one.

And in the meantime, remember – moving about like a monkey – or a duck – is a SUPER way to burn fat and get the heart thumping nigh quick, my friend.

If you haven’t already, pick up Animal Kingdom Workouts right now – if you want an even more elementary course, then Kiddie Fitness is your “man”. Believe me, a lot of kiddie exercises will make a man out of some of the so called men out there these days.

Videos will come soon.

And on a parting note, for now, as all the merriment and excess drinking etc during Christmas goes on …

have you ever thought of the following?

– Eating LESS for a change, or eating the right things?

Or FASTING – the right way?

Believe me, the above two are ways that even if you do not workout a lot – your hormone levels will increase DRAMATICALLY – and so will your testosterone levels (for yo umen out there) – and your fat levels will drop as well.

Combine it with enough exercise, and you’ll literally be dropping waist sizes within DAYS, if not sooner.

And of course, if you still choose to eat up – and drink up like there is no tomorrow, then the set of exercises in “Eat More – Weigh Less” are truly what you NEED, my friend.

When you get that book, remember to read the section most overlooked i.e how to BREATHE and walk properly.

You may think you know it already, but chances are you don’t.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S  – I will be sharing another GREAT review for “Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!” – soon (as soon as John manages to upload it to Amazon). Stay tuned – and if you don’t have this book already, get it NOW. Truly a LIFE CHANGING book, as he said.