Weighted pull-ups or NOT?
- Interesting, my answer might be on this one!

Here is  a question I get very often – very very often indeed!

“Why don’t you include weighted pull-ups in your course, Rahul!”

Same thing for pushups.

They’ll usually caption it with someone doing the same, trying to grunt out reps – or half reps – with impossibly heavy weights attached to them.

Now, contrary to what it might seem, I am NOT completely against “weights”.

If I was, I wouldn’t write Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – very little bodyweight work if any described there (well, the workouts mix ’em in, but the course itself, what I teach you).

Key being – those weights are not idiotic barbells or dumbbells “easy to hold on to while you puff and buff on a bench”.

They’re real weights.


Moving about.

Try lifting a massive heavy stone, or doing it for REPS.

Try lifting a HALF filled beer barrel, and moving it about – or carrying it up stairs!

Try doing what the Chinese ladies often do, ie carry massive bottles of water gripped in their hands while they walk up flights of stairs – or do what THIS skinny dude did.

Club work. Tyre work. Stone work.

THAT is real weights to me!

And I ain’t againt it, I’m just against booby building basically.

Now, back to the topic.

Personally, I prefer doing bodyweight exercises without weight, period.

One, they allow me to refine my form that way – way too many people do these in sloppy form for one.

Two, you can really get a solid cardio workout in once you get up into the higher reps – sometimes not possible with weights attached.

And three, because it’s more natural.

Animals in the wild don’t swing about with weights attached to them – unless?

Well, you could put your kid on your back – much like monkeys and kangaroos carry their young around!

But that is again a hard to handle weight, a weight that is unevenly distributed, moving about …

But even that, most people are not ready for .

Let me ask you, how many of you can knock off a 100 regular straight pushups, slow and easy – in one set?

I’ll bet not very many at all …

Ditto for pull-ups – or dips – or HSPU’s.

And once you get to the point you can DO those, you’ll be in great shape already – and won’t NEED the extra weight – unless you want do it for a challenge.

(not to mention all the VARIANTS of the exercises -most people can’t even do 10 strict reps of many of these bodyweight only, and then they talk “more weight”!)

Now, I’m not completely against it either.

ONCE you get good, damn good at bodyweight only – you might add on some weight for your pull-ups.

But key thing, you keep the form strict as always.

You get the chin over the bar – or chest to floor – as always!

You don’t say “well, I have 10 kg attached, therefore I wont do them in strict form”.

Most people make exactly that mistake, and this is why I am generally against attaching weights and stuff to bodyweight workouts.

But if you want to do it, if you CAN do it, if you’re ALREADY good enough at regular bodyweight stuff (most people are NOT) – then by all means go ahead and do it.

I’d rather the weights be kept for weights only exercises, and mix bodyweight only into the mix – the workouts – I believe it works best that way.

But take your pick.

And those are my thoughts on that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – “Thats too expensive” someone said about the Isometric and Flexibility Training course.

Geez, guys, paying for Bozo flix every month is possible, $500 or whatever they charge, and life changing info above is “too expensive”?

Just, please, give me a frigging break, and please do not get back with that ridiculous excuse, especially after all we’re doing here trying to get the best stuff out to you daily!


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