The power of, and behind that … ONE REP.
- Thats right, one rep.

This might sound amazing to you – i.e. ONE rep of anything having POWER, and immense, great power.

It might sound even more amazing when you know I’m not talking about super slow isometrics, or pushups done “30 second down” and the same way back up – although those are and would be a great, profound example of ONE rep kicking ass, and how.

(and strengthening your body and mind immeasurably. Try doing 10 pushups in one set the way I just described, tell me how your breathing feels after that, tell me how your arms feel, and so forth).

I’m not getting into that here though.

This morning while cranking out 100 odd pushups, something I do most mornings upon arising on auto pilot, I barely even think about it now, a thought struck me.

I went back to the time I could barely do one handstand – let alone a pushup – and pull-ups were tough for me.

I went back to the time I could barely climb that hill ONCE without collapsing, as I mentioned on the Advanced Hill Training sales page.

All my “stories” are reality, my friend. True, they sound very interesting, but much like photographs work best when REAL – same thing here.

Even my writing on the other sites, it’s all “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license”, not and never the other way around – not that theres nothing wrong with the other way around, but I just prefer keeping things real everywhere.

Anyway ………

Lots of you cannot do a single pushup in proper form without your core collapsing, or your triceps starting to quiver like jelly, sometimes at the mere thought of a pushup workout.

Just an example, and a true one as evidenced by some of the coaching calls I’ve had on this.

But, a lot of you have GOOD intentions.

A lot of you wake up – and are enthusiastic, and eager to get going – lets do FIFTY pushups today, you say!


You can barely do one, then when you GET down to them, guess what, as I said in a video earlier on New Year’s Resolutions, goal setting and such … it all flies out the window (the enthusiasm).

This isn’t so much about starting small and setting doable goals – its about this – GETTING started.

The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

One single step.

Do ONE pushup – and get damn good at that.

HOLD the pushup position till your arms don’t quiver (in fact, this is a great challenge for even advanced pushup fanatics when done for long periods of time).

Really work the isometric that I’ve explained in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

After a few days of doin just ONE pushup, in fact, truth be told, people have improved in a workout or two! – you’ll be amazed to note you upgrade to 2 – and more – automatically – without the headaches and hassle that you’d have if you tried to muscle it through the other way.

You upgrade naturally, yes.

You use TOOLS to help you along the way, YES.

But the most important thing is this – you GET RID OF THE IDEA in your mind that it’s “just one”.

Or “just five”.

If all you can do is 5 pushups, then do 5, get damn good at those first.

In every which way.

You’ll soon be up to 50 – without even noticing it.

The power that flows from that ONE Single step taken daily, GETTING Started – I cannot overemphasize it …

Anyway – lots of you are pushups fanatics.

And to get to high reps in pushups, or super shape by doing the best exercise ever and the oldest i.e. pushups … or, simply to learn about various sorts of pushups you’ve never imagined could be possible that will blast your upper body and core like nothing else, and your legs too – well, get Pushup Central NOW.

And, along with that, be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and Gorilla Grip too – they all go together – don’t put the cart before the horse, or the horses before the cart, or whatever it is.

You get the point.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee