The “w” word that is key, that …
- ... everyone wants...

I was thinking about making another video this morning, especially in the dark.

That cold – or virus I spoke about yesterday has “gone to the head”, so it’s definitely two things today – 1) light workout day and 2) too much of light isn’t good, especially artificial light (not that I have much light anyway in my cave) – I’d rather the sun outdoors, but that don’t seem to be showing up a lot either these days).

But anyway …

W in this word is not succeeded by “ealth” no matter how much you might claim it is.

Wealth is damn important, don’t get me wrong …

But on the topic of affirmation, self help etc .. .I wrote about this here, to completely understand what I’m saying here, you’ll want to read the above linked email first.

Now, lets “not take names” here for a minute, and let me give you another one of those affirmations I chanced upon, either by “luck” or not – lying around someplace (lets just put it that way) last year.

“Rahul is going to give us X amount of money from next year”.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess who wrote that, and of course, why she did.

It’s never enough, as I’ve explained in my book on it.

(and you’ll want to get this book NOW if you’re a real man, and done dealing with Nazi feminism in all its shapes, forms and guises. Truly a life changing book, I mean that from the bottom of my MGTOW heart).

Some people have often asked “how I happen to see these things” when obviously those responsible do all they can to hide it.

My answer?

Being at the right place at the right time without trying to although it might not seem like it , or it might.

I realize this may fly straight over some people’s heads, but it’s true.

The true magic happens long term subconsciously.

If you truly believe in the Universe, the spirit, that you’re protected – well, you will be – and doors will mysteriously open to you in all regards without you even trying.

I didnt pry about to get to know what others write – or think about me.

It’s all out there in the open – for me, at least.

As Charles Mitchell, a customer of mine once told me.

“You see things very clearly!”

That I do, my friend, and it’s a skill everyone can pick up, but back to the W word and affirmations….

Nothing wrong with wealth, money, coin, notes, mucho dinero, digital cash, or whichever form you prefer it in.

Nothing at all trust me.

I love it personally!

But to GET it, people for the most part do the absolute wrong thing.

Take the affirmation above, I could just as easily word it as (and people do this) – “I want my customers to give me MORE and more BUSINESS!”

(many a business owner)

Or, “I want X Y, and Z.. NOW!”

Or so forth.

Yet, the key thing that is forgetting in all this?

You have to do what Napoleon Hill once said in Think and Grow Rich, i.e. “courting money is like wooing a maiden”, and you employ the same techniques.

The key to all this – is another W word, often ignored…

That being WANT.



If you’re running a biz selling groceries, for instance, and you employ the above affirmation, and they work, it’s not because the affirmations themselves work – they are BS.

Its because those things are a NEED.

What you really, my friend, need to do is to WANT – or make the other person WANT.

I Could not stop chuckling, again, of course, when I Read the above affirmation about “Rahul will give us X and Y, so forth”.

First thing you know, there isn’t any “us”.

Second, I – or anyone – am hardly someone that will do something because someone else “wants” it.

(me more so than most others, I’ve always been “Stubborn and obstinate as a mule”. Hehe).

You gotta make me WANT to do something for me to do it, period.

And thats the key to everything i.e. WANT.

Not to mention, there was no mention in the affirmation as to why I’d “want” to do this, or the benefits in it for me.

Way too many people focus on just themselves.

It don’t work that way, give and take is a cardinal rule of the Universe, my friend.

I asked you a sage question in the last email, that being, do you FEEL you can get it?

A question right next to that one should be this …

How badly do you WANT IT?

Fitness wise, if your visualizations (or these emails, for that matteR) dont make you chomp at the bit and get STRAIGHT and to action, you ain’t doing it right, my friend. 

And for many of you, that action is getting the very baseline of fitness systems out there – the very best system on bodyweight fitness out there – the most results producing system – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

It is truly a life changing system, my friend, not just fitness.

And if you really WANT  it, if you really WANT to change your life NOW – you’ll find  a way to get it – NOW.

And your actions will PROVE to you you want it, and your results will flow – and follow – or both. It’s as simple as that, mi amigo.

Dont believe me?

Get the System, DO what it says, and then tell me!


Rahul Mookerjee