How I became a fitness phenom
- There's many reasons, but ...

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I was thinking about it this morning, I could tell you many, many reasons.

I could tell you about my books, my routines, my motivation – my work ethic (which has obviously been noted by many as well as being “uncompromising”) – and much more.

But if I had to really distill it all down to one single thing, this would be it –

When you wake up in the morning, every day of the week, you’ve got two choices in front of you.

Keep going – or QUIT.

The latter choice will always, no matter what the situation is, easy or tough – or not – or one of your own making – flash bright red and neon in your mind.

This is natural.

The mind is trying to make it “easy” on you.

The other choice, of course …

Let me tell you, like I wrote about in the last email.

No-one WANTS to practice a kick 10,000 times and repeat ad nauseum, do they?

Lets face it, it’s boring, repetitive, it can be grueling, it can be “mind numbing” – a lot of that sort of thing.

But it’s what gets the trick done eventually.

No-one, my friend, WANTS to wake up in the morning at 530 AM and climb a steep hill four times, and then repeat twice again in the evening – 7 days a week, non stop, usually with work right after.

Trust me, there were times I felt like a dead dog out there, especially in the cold and blustery AM’s!

“I suffer now so I won’t later”.

While those weren’t the words spelt out in my mind as I trained, they might as well have been (Muhammed Ali said that about boxing roadwork, long lonely road work sessions done at 4 AM in the morning daily).

“The fight isnt won or lost out there under the lights”, he was fond of saying.

“The fight is won or lost out there on the STREETS”.

He was right.

The PRACTICE, the stuff no-one wants to do.

Back to my own fitness – no-one WANTS to keep this sort of routine up for months!

No-one WANTS to completely get off all beer – anything non fitness related – and keep food INTAKE to what I truly NEEDED.

While I never got to Stallone levels where the actor’s body literally cannibalized itself – which was a very unhealthy routine, as he once said (his diet was burnt toast and six or so boiled egg WHITES for the entire day – which for him was non stop 11 hours of work – granted, eating less gives you more energy big time, but he took it to extremes!) – I was getting there!

Weight was flying off me literally daily.

But what no-one saw, or realized – I’d wake up in the morning so exhausted sometimes I could sleep an entire day!

It was a BATTLE I fought with myself daily – over and over again – and in my mind – in the quiet, calm AM (530).

THAT is what will get it done for you too.

There’s always that battle you have to fight with yourself.

Fitness, or life, or anything, isn’t about besting the next person.

They don’t matter.

It’s about YOU vs YOU is what really counts, my friend.

It’s about, if you can do 100 pull-ups per workout, can you do 120?

Nothing wrong with wanting to get to super stud levels like David Goggins,4000 plus at one go!

But that ain’t the battle you have to win.

The battle YOU have to win is with YOU.

And youve got to do it daily.

I did it.

So can you, if you buckle down and just do it.

And the tools to just do it are right HERE.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

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