500 slow steps, easy peasy …
- You might think there is nothing to this, eh.

Back in the day, for shits and grins, I’d often wear this dinky little “wristband” put out by Xiaomi (a girl next to where I worked then, I’d often show up to flirt with her, gave it tome) – when I went for my walks.

It tracked the total number of steps you took, not more, not less.

No heart rate monitors or anything, just steps.

On an average, and I have got the results to prove this, it was “30,000” odd steps DAILY – simply during the workout – that isn’t considering all else I did throughout the day, because I wouldn’t wear it after the workout.

I was just curious, but I must admit the number stunned me, the hill, for one, I think it was 1000 non steps steps …

Of course, this was counting the entire workout, the walking when I did the pushups, pull-ups, the walks DOWN, to and fro the hill, all of it.

But anyway ………..

500, the magic number.

Yesterday, I did 500 SLOW AND EASY reps – well, i should say SLOW – of an exercise in an animal like manner that we often did in Taekwondo class back in the day (except there not for that many reps).

Its the frog walk, my friend, a great, great exercise, and I mixed in stretches for the entire lower part of the body and CORE in while I was doing ’em, and also advanced animal like plyometrics after every 100.

Let me tell you,after my squats, it got me breathing like nothing else can.

More importantly, it got me WORKING my body – my entire midsection for one – in a way very few exercises can.

MOST importantly?

I didnt time myself.

That is right, I keep telling you about quick workouts, but for this one, I didnt time myself, I just did it.

If you’re just starting out, I dont care if you time yourself or not, probably about ONE of these is all you’ll be able to do.

That is one of the great, yet unsunng benefits of animal like training.

You can move FAST, or you could choose to move SLOW.

Either way, the workout is hellatious, and you not only burn fat, but develop springy, stellar, superior, animal like strength throughout the entire body – especially the legs – and you build your tendons and ligaments in a manner you couldn’t even with regular bodyweight exercises.

Choose to walk the way the animal does, my friend, part of that is focusing on the BACK of the body.

When you lift your leg up, for one, how many of you focus on the back of the leg when doing so?

I’ll bet not very many people at all …

An animal moves on it’s TOES – or the equivalent thereof.

An animal pays attention to both slow – and QUICK, explosive movements.

An animal, the tiger being one example, can go from 0 to 60 with very little warming up at all.

THAT is the sort of fitness you want, my friend, and while you’ll never become a tiger, gorilla or bear when training the way these animals move in the wild, you will certainly turn into a human beast – or as close to it as it gets.

Move the way an animal does, my friend, it is well worth it.

I realize much like with isometrics, there’ll be idiots complaining it’s too simple.

If you’re part of that group, please dont bother.

But if you’re part of the group that truly gets it, then pick up my book on Animal Kingdom Workouts NOW my friend.

This book will not only change you – it will TRANSFORM you in a manner you’ve never seen before.

Get it now.


Rahul Mookerjee

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