My 13.5 hour fast, and counting . . .
- Not that unusual for me, hehe.

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Believe me, this ain’t all that unusual for me – I’ve never, until today “fasted” in the traditional sense of the word though.

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I give you TWO – SECRET – tips on losing weight, building muscle – and getting into the best shape of your life that are often, often ignored – and not just that, people “pooh pooh” it as being not one of the secrets (out in the open for those “in the know”) for the above benefits because the so called experts said so.

Herschel Walker used it.

I did it – without knowing he did – I’ve been doing it forever.

And in doing so, I literally threw the rule book out of the window, and went by what I always do in life – gut and feelings.

The results, of course, are there for all to see.

Now, lots of you have been fed the crap about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, “lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper” and so forth.

Would it surprise you if I not only did extreme workouts and got into the best shape of my life by following this, in REVERSE?

By following it to the extremes – i.e. more than 20 hours of breaks in eating, nothing except water, and INTENSE – four to five climbs up the hill, bodyweight workouts etc in addition to this.

I know you wouldn’t believe me.

I know you’ll think it’s torturous.

Truth be told, it was that when I did break my “fast” – to have my rice and Chinese meat. Hehe. Chinese rice and meat, it’s not what those with dirty minds are thinking (though Glyn must be salivating, lol).

The DROP in energy instantly upon eating was mitigated for me by the fact I did bridging for 20 minutes before that bowl of rice.

After that, again at night before the nightly “bowl of rice and meat”.

During those times, I wasn’t drinking beer either, something that seemed absolutely undoable to me at the time!

“Lets try it for ONE day”, is how it started, and it extended into nine plus months.

It didnt feel like I was abstaining.

And when I drank tons of it again, it felt like I never gave it up.

THAT, my friend, is what it’s about.

Back to the NOW?

I’m on a self imposed fast – and completely unplanned – for “as long as it takes”.

Maybe its life thats done it, but if you were to give me a large, huge steak right now, done rare like I LOVE it, I’d probably want it a bit, but I’d look away anyway.

Not because I’m turning vegan.


Not because I want, or need to lose weight. No.

Not because I believe it’s the secret to eternal health and muscles like Arnie and skin like your favorite beauty contestant. Nah. Hehe.

Because, well, I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while.

Except, this time, I want to make it a real fast.

And I am – life happened, I ended up eating something I absolutely NEVER eat (a version of Ramen noodles) over the past couple of days (well, I ate TOO much of it, I should say last night) – and … well.


Along with this, I’ve been feeling the need to DETOX from it all for a while (much like my self imposed internet detox in 2020 that I wrote to you about, a solid week or so of no broadband, and very spotty 4G).

And so I am.

How do I feel?

Well, I’ve done 45 pull-ups, 100 pushups, plenty of Lumberjack work, 150 Hindu squats, stretches, and much more today (new addition being hitting the heavy bag – or mattress – more on this later, but I wrote about this in 2018, I simply love hitting the heavy bag!) ….

… and right now, the last thing I want is food.

I’m guzzling water by the plenty as I do always.

While I’ve no idea how this will turn out – while I’ve no plans for a fast – this is what it is for now, and I’m attacking it – how?

“Lets see how I feel later”.

As of now, it’s 13.5 hours.

I’ve no doubt it’ll extend for far longer!

Now, what does this mean for you?

Am I saying you need to do the same too to lose weight, build muscle, improve flexibility, whatever?

I dont know, but here’s the thing, friend, most of us – need to eat not just less, but WAY LESSER than what we do.

We put way too much crap into our systems that we need to.

Sometimes, often times, the workouts cover it up (Eat More – – Weigh Less!).

But over the long run, it adds up, friend.

And let me tell you, my friend, the quantum leaps in growth in MUSCLE – increase in stamina and FLEXIBILITY – and improvement in ALL your workouts – when you’ve been working out a while, and then incorporate this into your routine is – beyond belief.

Animals don’t eat and drink on a set schedule, do they? Animals don’t “rest” while going days with very little food, and yet, you wouldn’t want to mess with Mr Tiger, fresh off a 3 day hiatus from meat, and hours of daily walks and prowls, looking for his next meal, would you?


I didnt think so.

The secret, my friend, as always to turn back the clock, to reveal the NEW YOU (that I talk about in Battletank Shoulders) is natural workouts yes, but its also LIVING like an animal – in every aspect of your life.

I’ll cover more on this later.

For now, know that if you’re a convert to the three meals a day thing, and aren’t used to long breaks without food, then you dont need to jump straight into long fasts, or any fasts for that matter.

Neither do you need to do it all your life.

For now ,just know that you most likely need to eat less, regardless of whatever else you’re doing now if you’re like most people.

Know too, “you wont die” without a few meals.

(its amazing the questions I get on it).

Note too, that WATER is key.

Note also, that if you ask any old time strongman, they’d tell you that the real strongman is one who can go without at least 24 hours of food, and whatever normal routine he or she has – while feeling no deleterious side effects.

And last, but not least, you’ll be hearing from ME as my fast “expands” too.

Amazing how the subconscious mind works!


Rahul Mookerjee

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