I should be fatigued, exhausted, “have nothing left”, and so forth. Yet, it’s the polar opposite.
- YES!

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I’m truly FEELING It.

Not what the neighsayers kept telling me for years about complete fasts i.e. NOTHING at all eaten for > 24 hours, the only thing I did make an allowance for was black tea – with no milk, obviously – but thats only because the idea for the fast never came to me until about 14 hours into it anyway.

Which is usually when I break most of my fasts, which in itself sends the purists into a tizzy given my extreme workout routines.

As I wrote about earlier today though, and as several old time strongmen have gone on record saying.

“If you cannot go for 24 hours eating nothing and NOT feeling exhausted, run down, or anything like that – there is something wrong”.

Naturally, this don’t need to be taken to extremes. (and I paraphrased this, obviously, but the sum and substance of it remains the same).

In fact, you dont need to do it at all if you dont want i.e. fasting – the body obviously has it’s own systems to cleanse, etc.

But I’ll tell you this much.

Almost 26 hours into the impromptu fast – NOT planned – if there is one thing I can tell you about now – it is MENTAL clarity – my mind has never ever felt clearer.

Not that it doesn’t normally anyway, which is key, but now? It’s like mind x 100 – on steroids, and I’m only 26 hours into it!

I thought of food, tried thinking of all different types of FOOD, which by now, if you go by what people say “I’m supposed to be starving to death”.

Oddly enough, if you put a plate of most of it in front of me NOW?

I’d probably inhale it at most. Hehe.

Do I feel cravings? Do I feel “starved”? Do I feel deprived? Any of that nonsense?

A huge fucking NO.

I DO however, as I write this, feel my body starting to CLEANSE internally – more so than it does with the isometrics and everything else I do. Which in and as of itself is just HUGE, my friend … you have to feel it to believe it.

Now, the one thing I didnt mention before is I didnt (not by design) do this fast “cold turkey”. (ie I didnt gorge for weeks, and then suddenly drop it all cold turkey)

You will remember me ending the last email on a note of “the subconscious mind works in wonderful ways!”.

So I did.

Over the last couple of days (but NOT before that) – either by design or not  – I’ve been eating fruits for one. Oranges it was the day before yesterday, plenty of potatoes too – and a bit of wheat.

Yesterday was “Bulgarian oats” (not as fancy as it sounds!) – and the infamous, by now, Ramen noodles adventure. Ugh.

Today, ZERO.

And while I wrote to you earlier after lots of workouts till this evening, I’ll have you know I just got through more club swinging – pull-ups – and 100 solid Hindu squats – which the last one felt like I literally FLEW through them.

So much for loss of strength, or conditioning, or “I have nothing left!”.

I remember my friend Rueben once getting antsy while moving.

“Gotta eat, Rahul!”, he just paused in the middle of it all.

“Can’t keep going like this!”

Admittedly we then ate a hearty meal at “Albertson’s” I believe, or brought the chicken back home or something.

But just like my fitness routines, both my eating habits – and it seems, now, my fasting habits – throw the rule book outta the window, and then some.

I’ll keep you posted on it tomorrow, of course – probably a good 35 or so hours post start fast.

But I’ve got a feeling I’ll be feeling AWESOME – and exercise wise too, it will show.

Anyway .

Off for now, but thats the update.

And if you haven’t yet gotten the 0 Excuses Fitness System as yet, the only fitness system out there that builds WARHORSES – with all the strength of an ox – and the flexibility and agility (and power) of a jungle cat, along with the sixth sense too – well, you’re missing out.

If you choose to rectify that, I’m HERE for ya.


Rahul Mookerjee

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