Another great, great review for “Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training” – and more on STRETCHING.
- YES!

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So, we’re rapidly progressing in terms of not just books, but getting translations out in different languages, most of all Spanish, where there is a lot of interest (Spain, Brazil etc).

Battletank Shoulders is the latest to be translated into Spanish – with the guy who did the book, he loved it.

“Keep working those battletank shoulders!” – was what he sent me.


Anyway, this email (unlike the last one, hehe) – is about genuinely great reviews, not Bozos.

Lets jump straight into what I got from Gonzalo Aracena, who is currently both a reader and translator for the book “Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training” (being translated into Spanish).

Mr. Rahul Mookerjee

I’m glad to inform you that the Spanish version is finished. However, when I try to upload it for your revision it states: “The uploaded file was too large. Please try to upload a smaller file.”

I tried to compress it using Winrar, however the results are the same. Anyway, I can send you the file via e-mail, I think it will work. I just wanted to make sure to you that the task is completed and as you requested I kept all line breaks, page breaks and photographs intact with no change at all.

I have to say it made me keep stretching while doing my own workout with more endevour. It’s a great book! Now thats a great guy – gave me a review as well!

My response –

Hi Gonzalo,

Thanks for your message! Great to know the translation has been done – please send it to me at [email protected] – and please (after you send it) – mark it as “completed” (if the full translation is done) in Babelcube.

I’ll upload it myself after I receive it, after checking that all is ok.

Thanks a lot – much appreciated!!

And – thanks for the kind words on the book. Yes, stretching throughout – and after – your workout is the way to go – keeps you loose and limber throughout – reduces fatigue, and more (not to mention BOOSTS Performance big time).

Lots of folks think they should stretch BEFORE their workout – maybe some light “warm ups” (such as I’ve included in the initial book and also this one) are fine, but actual active stretching should always be done when warmed up – like you are.

Look forward to receiving the book, and we can go from there!


Rahul Mookerjee

And why did I post this?

Well, just to update you on the language part – the stretching part (Which I’ve spoken about before) – and also to tell you this – while there’s tons of Bozos out there, there’s tons of great guys and DOERS out there too.

Only YOU can decide which side of the fence you fall on!

Last, but not least, Ive noticed our emails seem to be down for the past couple of days – no worries – I’ll get that back up and running asap. For now though, I suspect the doers are all checking the website anyway, so all good.

Back soon with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If Andre, the great Portugese translator for “Isometric and Flexibility Training” is reading this – please get back.

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