Why I so love being an aggressive evil.
- Thank you, Sophia!

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This is #2 in the email series on self entitled cunts, and equally hilarious.

In fact, I was talking about it to a friend of mine, and he was cracking up.

“Send me the screenshots, that insane!” he was chortling.

It is.

Gorilla Girl. Sophia. Y’all know her, right ?


Then yall probably also know the first thing she asked me before even getting to know me from “Adam” was this. (and told me this too).

“Asian women love to be treated like Princess, Queen, baby!”

And of course this – which I’ve never tired of giggling about –

“How much deposit do you have in your bank!”

Said straight out of the blue, remember, she didnt know me from Adam – much like she was on a date with a Chinese guy.

As she told me later, “I was so comfortable, I was talking to you like a Chinese guy!”.

(like she would a Chinese guy).

Except, it didnt quite work out that way for the long term. Hehe.

The other day, we got into it.

About what, you might ask?

Well, nothing really – I was complaining about covid and the freedoms its snatched away from and for the freedom lovers amongst us.

Much like with my wife in the last email, I might as well be whistling Dixie out my ass.

I mean, a girl who all she cares about is money and getting freebies off men (“you’re the only one that is really interested in talking to me”, she keeps lamenting – well gee whiz, no wonder Sophia – except she has no clue why I really talk to her, hehe) … freedom – she could care less.

Admittedly she isn’t a huge fan of the CCP, she’s got that going for her, admittedly she’s still a way more rational person than most of these Nazi feminist cunts are … but …

her response to my heated reaction about loss of freedom (something to the effect of “I’ll take my gun out and blow their brains out if they try and take MY freedom away in any regard” (y’all know how important freedom is to me!!) …

“Please come down!”

(calm, hehe).

Her English is nothing if not cute.

Of course, that started it, along with her comment of “Maybe you could find a job, make more friends” …


I told her I didnt want “to make more friends” and certainly not find a goddamned so called job – and I asked her why she said that.

“maybe you have financial problem!”


Why, Sophia?

Of course, this being a girl who deems all foreigners as “having no money and being dancing monkeys”, and the whiter the better – the mentality is stark and right there in front of you.

The reason she gave me ?

“Because you asked me for help with SIM CARD!”

Ok, I asked for help in getting an old sim card back for me, with all the rule changes in China and what not, I dont know why, I’m unable to get it myself, but I need it for a reason, so I asked her, her being Chinese and all that, though I doubt even China mobile knows why a number “released” into the fold years back is still “not available” – maybe its waiting for yours truly to go back and pick it up. Hehe.

Prosaic are the ways of the Universe…

I then asked her several times how “wanting a SIM Card” meant “financial trouble” (shouldn’t it mean the opposite)?

No answer.

I kept asking past her BS.

“You’re such an aggressive evil!” (which is funny, considering she’s the one being abusive, using said language all the time)

“You make me sick!”  (how typical, pot and kettle, and so forth, plus a typical “hell hath no fury like an idiot scorned)

“I’m not interested in you and your account!” (oddly enough, after being hit by screenshots proving the polar opposite).

And so forth.

“You make me sick, because of your arrogance and vulgarity, not captivity!” (she means my problem by captivity in terms of sim card).

“You’re such an aggressive evil!”

Admittedly I used F bombs in the conversation but for a woman that thinks she can call anyone she thinks a fool, idiot, moron and so forth “because she is a woman”, well, fair’s far.

(arrogant because I say it like it is, and because of my disdain for “jobs”, and of course, I asked her what she got from her job, her paltry savings, pointed out how much she hated her own job- and it all hit home apparently).

Other than that though I just hit her with plain ole LOGIC.

Which of course, a Nazi feminist can never handle.

Thats one of the tips by the way in combating and profiting from Nazi feminism at levels you never imagined or dreamt of (ignore the book if you want – at your own peril).

But ultimately, me?

Id rather be honest, upfront, labeled aggressive and so forth.

And “evil too”.


Same rants come in from Bozos globally on my results producing “nothing like them out there” fitness books as well.

And they get you in the best shape of your life – nigh quick.

To learn how this aggressive evil got into the best shape of his life -and how he can get YOU there too if you so choose – start with the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE.

and I’ll see you!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – I had another Bozo wanting free English lessons delete me in a huff the other day.

“You dont understand girls!”


If only you knew, my dear.

I suspect you DO know though. Hehe.

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