Did the Mighty Atom actually fly “by his hair”?
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Or the seat of his pants, some might ask. Hehe. The Bozos and non believers that is … (come to think of, Glyn would love the “seat of his pants” part, but I’ll leave that out of it!. Hehe).

I’ve written often about how the Atom literally once pulled a plane by his hair, how at the soaking wet weight of like 150 kgs or so – he’d literally bend iron nails into two.

He was one of the most spiritual men that ever lived as well, which puts BUNK to the theory most people have that “if you’re a strong you gotta be a jock”.


Neither do you have to be a jock or dumb bro or dumb to begin with. Real health, strength and the smarts  (and spirituality if you so choose, though really, it comes “with the package” for those that truly do get it) all go together.

The Atom did a lot in terms of workouts – but isometrics was a HUGE part of what he did, so if you’re interested in building even a fraction of the strength he possessed, you’ll want to get that book now.

And also the advanced version.

(if you’re on the fence in terms of price, well, dont stay there. Either jump AHOY – or “ship out” – I’m tired of all the wanking I receive about price, pictures, and so forth, truly some of the biggest idiots ever).

But anyway …………

Workouts, you ask?

In 2018 I published a neat little book “Zero to Hero!” – the title of which rings so true even today – that was what the NEXT employer told me after THAT job!

I dont blame him either. Hehe.

But a reader from China Ma Meng Ting wrote in today …

I won’t include the ENTIRE conversation on this one, but here are the relevant parts –

Hi, sorry to bother you. I’ve got several questions.

1. About the part “Tenzing and Norway”, is this Norway a guy who climbed Mt. Everest? What’s his full name if so? I only know Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first ones to climb Mt. Everest.So I wonder who this Norway guy is.

2. The Mighty Atom flew outside an airplane by his hair alone. Do you mean he stopped the airplane from taking off by his hair? If not, then can you paraphrase the sentence?

3. About the sentence “And at that point, he has quite literally EARNED the right to a) be called “better” in those areas, and to actually sell him skills in that regard”, “him” refers to? Is it the Master?

4. EMBLAZON it in your mind like a firebrand. Can a firebrand be regarded as something like a torch?

5.As opposed to simply accomplishing things by “sheer dint of willpower” alone, which while it might give you the desired results will likely do so after much unnecessary hassle and headaches– if you get them at all, that is. Actually I don’t quite get this part, so can you put it in a simpler way? Three or four short sentences will be much better.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks a lot. Nice book, by the way.

My response:

Hi Ma,

Thanks for the questions as well as the kind words on the book – much appreciated!

I dont know why you mixed up “Norway” with “Norgay”, hehe. A certain “Bozo Schofield’s( long story, hehe) ears would perk up at the gay part, but anyway – YES, the same person who climbed Everest with Hillary.

Not Hillary Clinton either, hehe. Bill wasn’t part of the expedition either, neither was Ms Monica.

Hehe – ok, lets address what you asked seriously – 1) yes, Norway is the person who conquered Everest along with Edmund Hillary – also a “guy” – not a “gay”, hehe – gotta love the way a Chinese rental agent once sent me a message to the order of “I sent gay to your apartment!” when I asked for my A/C to be serviced or something – Glyn would have gone “bonk” – pun intended – ers …

But yes. That same person!

As far as the Atom is concerned, there are videos of him out there pulling an airplane by his hair – if he could do that – I’m sure he could “fly” at low altitude by his hair as well.

He didnt so much “Stop the airplane” from taking off, though again – with his sort of neck strength, and given planes back then were hardly the behemoth steel “birds in the sky” they are now – I wouldn’t put it past him to do just that if he wanted to!

Now in terms of mastery, i’ve often said you NEVER become a true Master at anything – and the experts – the real experts – will be the first to tell you, as I always do – that you’re ALWAYS in learning mode.

You never know it all.

But when you’ve practiced your craft for years, when you’ve DONE the thing you talk about, when you’ve been in the trenches, when you can safely and honestly say you know MORE about a certain topic than 99.9% of people do – that is when you can safely call yourself a “hero” at that in terms of knowledge.  (and it’s also when you can “sell” your knowledge and teach others if you so wish and choose – as opposed to the many charlatans out there who have never practiced their ill advised preaching, but try and sell anyway).

That don’t mean you stop learning.

In fact you’ll find that most at “hero” level are the most open minded people ever, and devour pretty much any and all useful (emphasis on USEFUL) knowledge they can get …

And that is one of the keys to being a HERO, though not by far the main one – but an important one nonetheless, the value of DOING the thing repeatedly cannot be overemphasized.

Yes, I suppose you could regard “firebrand” as a torch of sorts in the sense it’s used here, which is to EMBED the words deeply into the very recesses of your mind, so that you take ACTION on them – daily.

Shine the words into the very deepest recesses of your mind until they become affixed there and a part of you is the entire point here. i.e. brand it into your mind, much like a brand would work on cattle, for instance. (not that I support those things, but just explaining it fully).

#5 is the most important question of all in my opinion – while I dont know so much about “three sentences”, what I mean is your IMAGINATION is really what brings RESULTS into your life.

We are what we subconsciously think at a deep level.

We are who we BELIEVE ourself to be at a deep level.

We DO ultimately – i.e. our actions ultimately lead us to the goals our subconscious mind sets for us whether we “want or like it or not” – based upon the above two things.

FEELING is what accomplishes and drives results, often times, “inspired action” beats hours and hours of “forcing yourself to do something”.

Think about something you really, truly wanted in your life.

Chances are you took that thought to bed with you without even trying – woke up with it – chances are you thought about it silently thousands of times during the day.

​And even without “trying hard” or “hours and hours of backbreaking slog”, chances are you GOT that thing – no matter what it was.

We become what we picture with deep emotion either via words or pictures, and words paint a picture onto the canvas of our mind anyway.

Which is the entire point of the book, or the MAIN point of it, and if you’ve read the prologue which I am sure you have, that prologue itself contains the clue to it all!

Keep the questions coming, and enjoy the book – its a great, great read, its worked wonders for many people, it will for you too – if you LET it.


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, my friend, thats the Q and A for the day. Rather long one again, so I’m out.

Pick up Zero to Hero! Now – it’s a great, great little motivational read for you all!

(and a superb pick me up as well, especially during these times of “so called doom and gloom”).


Rahul Mookerjee

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