My “step up” workout today!
- Just now, actually.

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Just did a 100 of these, and if you’re wondering WHY – well,  remember that article a guy on this list – a DOER wrote about the great Bob Backlund doing these for hours, like 2500 odd per leg daily for years?

Well, there’s gotta be a reason why someone like him, who could bench and deadlift north of 500 did ’em – with all the wrestling and everything else, and other conditioning work I’m sure.

Much like there’s a solid reason behind the Gama’s daily squats (not necessarily 5000 a day, THOSE numbers I find hard to believe daily – but I do believe he probably knocked out 500-1000 per day) …

(and his undefeated streak, and why Backlund too in his day was one of the most respected wrestlers in the WWE (then “F”)). . .

I did a 100 of these.

I alternated between legs, I did them one leg at a time, I even did them “stepping up and down with the dominant leg”.

I think I got to around 105 or so, overall – certainly not a sizzler for me, but this was right after 250 squats.

And I felt it , yes.

I’m sure I could modify setups to make them brutal – and do like 200 of them per leg – or do them WITH squats as I did today, or with isometrics – the possibilites are nigh endless, but they are a good workout (and I did them on a fairly high step up – the bed, hehe which is quite high off the floor in my case).

Calves, thighs, all feel it.

Would I say they’re better than or even EQUAL to squats tho ?


Nothing works the lower back and core like squats, nothing at all – period – except perhaps real stair climbing OUT in the open – on mountains and such like I did so often back in the day ..

But step ups are a great fat burner, I can already tell.

I ain’t got them in 0 Excuses Fitness, but the book – and videos – the icing on the cake, as people have said, have more than plenty to keep you busy – and in shape – and fit as heck – for the rest of your life!

So get it NOW, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I could make them SUPER hard doing them with kettlebells, I bet.

Or, some of my patented Lumberjack swings thrown in, which I already do with squats… Hehe.

Golly, thats another one along with “Profit Troll“, “Advanced Plyometrics“, “Isometrics – Vol #3“, “Squat 101″ …

So much to do – which one y’all want first, YOU Tell me!


Rahul Mookerjee

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