Why I love being called a Redneck from Texas (or whereva)
- Hehe.

Cowboy, redneck, all of it!

I still remember a guy once telling me online in a “reproachful” sort of tone . . .

“If you wouldn’t use the term nigg**, then why would you think its ok to use this term?”

(we were discussing gun control, and my very PRO “right to own a gun” stance, he was the same, oddly enough).

(I mean really, grow the fuck up, a gun is a machine at the end of the day – it doesnt kill – PEOPLE do, I’m all for stricter background checks in terms of owning firearms, and even stricter ones for “assault rifles” or whatever it is some of these clowns use that you need on the battlefield, but not “for personal use” – I mean, really, why would someone want a gun like that that could spray out like 300 bullets per round?

  • but, if they WANT it, I’m ALL FOR IT – provided background checks are stringent, and they aren’t in many cases.

Anyway, where was I

Ah yes, the redneck idea I got pre workout (squats).

So, OK, maybe dude up there had a point, I dont know …

I guess he did, if you look at it rationally, i.e. if one term is offensive, then goose and gander on the other one … (though it’s a complicated one, that!).


I take it as a compliment when Im called a hick or redneck by those not in the know. Hehe.


Well, off the top of my head.

Rednecks – and cowboys – both “ride together”, carry guns, are usually lone rangers and wolves like I am …


The great food they tend to eat, and the gallons of brew they down. Hehe. (note – especially beer!).

Their complete REFUSAL to put up with Nazi feminists.

And they’re simple people at heart “what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong”.

They dont take no shit.

(most dont).

And many other reasons….

I’d rather be that way – and am – than a “city slicker” or “new fashioned” (that even a term, boyo? Hehe) or whateva…

As Uncle Bob once said, “Yeah, I’ll take that!”

I dont blame him.

so would I. Hehe.

old school, old fashioned, old values, and that spirit permeates into my workouts, writing and everything I do.

It always will too, “Ma’am” (yes, Noni, if you read this, I’d rather use the term Ma’am. Hehe).

Some things just are!

On that note, I’m off.

HERE is where you can find brutally effective old fashioned workouts.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I remember a certain “Ben” (not on this list, not any of the Ben’s Ive spoken about here once making the “sign across his throat” while saying “Reeeeeeeeedneeeeeeeeeeck!”


He was referring to his town, little bitty town outside good ole Hattiersburg, hour or so away I believe…