Loosening up and more …

Times change.

So do people.


As Stallone said in Rambo though …

“Maybe for some people!”

Yours truly, Dinosaur forever is many things – good, bad, ugly, brutal and so forth – hence the long list of names – EVER BURGEONING, like your shoulders if you get on Battletank Shoulders routines …   but I’m CONSISTENT if nothing else.

That right.

I wont turn around years later unlike some gaslighting Bozos I know who claim “I never did that or said that” – when they DID – and claim “I’m lying” and other nonsense.

Nah. Neither do I need to lie, nor would I – and the memory of an elephant I’ve been blessed with, or developed myself, you can believe whichever one you wish to don’t hurt in that regard either!

Here is what a reader said about it -or, a “potential reader” I should say, he knows even before he’s read the book, I dont blame him. Hehe. He’s on this list too!

Battletank Shoulders…Build the strength required to BLUDGEON any and all opposition – literally to SMITHREENS!

He’s right. Hehe. Handstand pushups and the workouts in that book built BRUTAL, AWE INSPIRING, almost “superhuman” strength you CANNOT get from other workouts, period.

Simple as that.

If you want in, get the book NOW.

Onward – Matt Furey, him of the famous book Combat Conditioning kept saying back in the day – and in fact, it’s there in the book “personally, for me I dont need a warm up at all” – in terms of the exercises he promoted – great ones – hence the credit given to Matt in 0 Excuses Fitness, while Combat Conditioning may or may not be “the best book out there”, Matt was responsible for bringing these ancient Indian exercises to the world pretty much, and he’ll always get credit (from me at least) in that regard.

And. flak too in some regards if I feel it’s warranted. Hey. I’m consistent if nothing else!

Anyway ………

Warm ups, or not?

Brooks Kubik once told me to stretch AFTER my workouts, not before, and this is what I’ve stuck with – and have done naturally all my life.

Matt these days seems to be saying the OPPOSITE of what he used to back in the day i.e. “warm up first”. In one of his videos he says the unthinkable too, or what would have been unthinkeable back when he was promoting his books, hehe –  “do the exercises slowly”.

Now, I ain’t saying people cannot change, or be “wrong” initially – not that Matt has said he’s either right or wrong, or what not.

What I AM saying is it’s the polar opposite of what he USED to say.

Maybe advancing age has taken its toll to an extent on Matt, who knows.

But I remember thinking back in the day, “it’s TOO hard to jump straight into the workouts like Matt recommends!” 

And so I’d warm up a bit back in the day, loose stretches, static poses etc before plunging into the workout.

These days? As I age?

I literally wake up in the morning and bang out a 100 squats right there and then – or anytime during the day.

Same thing for pull-ups.

I’ve not been focusing heavily on pushups as of late but if I do, same thing!

You literally, my friend, when you train the way I tell you in 0 Excuses Fitness, and incorporate the routines in Isometric and Flexibility Training (and when you get damn good at that, Advanced PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training) – do NOT need a warmup or loosening up or what not.

About all you need is plenty of hydration – even with all the 8 plus liters of water plus green tea I chug all day, my calves cramp uncontrollably at night sometimes…

(after hard workouts).

Squats, my friend, are the KING of everything – period.

Pushups are the BIG DOG, yes, but Squats are the KING.

“If you’re not doing Hindu squats, you’re not really doing Combat Conditioning”.

Which Matt was damn right on that one. Spot on!

Anyway ……

I may loosen up pre workout if I feel like it – but I dont need to.

I DO always stretch POST workout – whether I feel like it or not.

And I DO need to (#2).


And that, my friend is that. Since I downed more beer than I intended upon last night, it’s off for some much needed HYDRATION and then a workout.

I’ll see y’all!


Rahul Mookerjee