The legacy YOU want to leave behind.
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My daugher had been away with her grandparents for a short trip, and as usually happens after she returns – her smile was completely GONE.

Gone, disappeared – zilch, zippo, nada, and I can understand – all one has to do is look at how I felt growing up. Hehe.

Oddly enough, I see everyone trying to “correct” the mistakes they made with me growing up – yet, doing all they can to lambast me behind the scenes for not “doing what they want” and other liberal bullshit.

Hehe. (Speaking of which, I just BLASTED a certain Gorilla Girl Sophia – I mean she’s alright most of the time, but her insistence on sending me dumbass “sympathy” videos and other crap – I mean really, look at the FACTS Sophia, and this applies to the current conflict going on in Ukraine as well! Dumbass – ignores FACTS laid out in front of her, written “I’m tooooooooooooo busy to read” – and yet has time to watch all the most inane and dumb videos mankind ever created, and thats saying a lot, ugh! Ok, be that way if you have to, but dont send ’em to me first thing in the morning girlie…)


I spoke to the daughter yesterday.

Four days had passed, the smile hadn’t returned.

This morning, from what I Can “see” – the smile is back full blast.

Then I told her about a childhood memory where she (as a baby) lay there and kept “staring” adoringly at a big FAT Papa, hehe – which some kids do in such a cute manner, and she was ultra cute!

And about my uncle – her grandfather – another one who my mom roundly pilloried and hated on for most of his life because he was the sort (like me, hehe) – who drank it up, partied, smoked etc – and “wasn’t stable” or other bullshit – and then when he finally passed away due to lung cancer, when his biz (that he got from a friend or whatever the tale is, I’m not entirely clear) – “he did soooooooooo much”.

Typical liberal hypocrisy.

Castigate the person while he’s alive, shed crocodile tears once he’s gone. Hehe.

But it’s interesting.

People with a legacy – such as yours truly – usually get that treatment.

Every time I return home, for instance, I have “zero value or less”.

The minute I disappear, despite all the promises “I’ll never contact you!” – sure enough, she does (green dollar bills, or red RMB notes, or the lovely Rupee, you decide. Hehe).

Anyway, I told my little girl about how the Uncle used to look at her looking at me, and how it was so cute.. of course, the wife had to interject with “he only spoke about you!” (talking to my daughter).

Truly, the Nazi fems do ALL they can to keep me out of it.

Unfortunately honey, you can’t. Hehe.

I’m just too all pervasive in that regard, even when I’m not “here”!

Now, that Uncle (and another one on my father’s side, I believe, or maybe two of them) were the ONLY ones that spotted something in me that everyone else tried to stamp out.

Rebellion. Independence. A keen sense of RIGHT – and WRONG. Physicality – desperately wanting it as a kid, never having it (now, as the fat women all over the globe piss and moan about my weight loss and such, my “sexy body” as some say – or as the daugther says about my arms etc “it suits you!” – while getting fatter every minute and bitching about inflation not letting them chow down or other crap – really, as I told a dude on another site – people need to eat LESS – not more – and EXERCISE MORE! – people are WAY too dependent upon food as I’ve said here so many times!! – that didnt go over too well. lol. He thought the US government manufactured this to make people lose weight, in a way he’s right, lol, men’s thinking has landed us in the mess we are today – Trump did his best to resolve it, no-one would let him, and so forth…)  …

… My singing which was roundly pilloried by my Mom ever since I can remember – he liked it.

I still remember him remarking one night quietly to his wife.

“He’s got a good voice!”

And he often said other complimentary things about me too that no-one else did.

Growing up, and even after I was grown.

Maybe thats why he still appears in my dreams, as a guiding light of sorts, although I never consciously imagined that would happen.

And it’s been consistent, for years and years and years.

When my daughter grows up, I’m going to teach her the tricks of communicating with the subconscious in that manner too- while the rest of the world laughs and does zilch all, she will see how her GOALS get accomplished.

And how, when I tell her something – it’s ALWAYS done.

Like three things were yesterday, even without me planning. Hehe.

Anyway question begets – how do YOU Want to be remembered?

What legacy do YOU want to leave behind?

What have YOU do to change the world – or your family – or your own life – something – anything – anything special?

I aint saying you have to be exceptional if you dont want to, what I’m asking is what sort of legacy do you want to leave behind when you pass, how do you want folks to remember you?

For me, I’d rather they remember the non conformist hell raiser, hehe.

Someone whose not afraid to speak his mind – no matter what the consequences – someone who loves being a rabble rouser – and so forth.

Someone whose views despite being rabidly “right wing” dont necessarily agree with EVERYTHING the right says, and – newsflash – I dont necessarily “hate” all liberals, I just cannot stomach their reluctance to get into factual discussions and the way goose and gander is not respected, and (as of late) the utter lunacy going on in terms of other liberal policies etc.

Someone who wasn’t afraid to sleep with X number of women – someone who if he wanted something, ultimately got it – someone who made huge sacrifices to get what he wanted – and so forth.

Someone, who in short, ultimately always, despite huge odds “seemingly” being against him emerged as a WINNER in this game of LIFE.

And everything in that regard.

Back to YOU now – what sort of legacy would YOU like to leave?

In the meantime (while I wait for your answers), if the above interests you, Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore are some great reads my friend.

And – get the 0 Excuses Fitness System – BEST fitness system ever to drive away the blues and a lot fuckin more – NOW(if you have not already).

Back – soon!


Rahul Mookerjee (or was it Michael, hehe).

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