Ignorance is bliss … or is it?
- The vast majority of people would seem to believe it is ... or do they, deep down inside?

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The other day, I was speaking about the rather heavy handed verbal smackdown I handed to a certain Gorilla Girl, who in all her infinite cuteness “took it” as well and then of course handed it straight back to me on a platter in her own inimitable style which I rather enjoyed too. Hehe.

I think she loves these exchanges.


That aside, what sparked it was – as usual – one tiny comment – or in her case, a video she sent over.

A typical “oh they’re soooooooooooo badddddddddd these guys!” video showing a missile strike somewhere in war.

Thats all it was, a brief “video made for dummies and dumbasses”, one of those silly 2 second edited Tik tok style reels on a China version of Tik Tok (isnt Tik Tik Tok half owned by a Chinese company anyway??) which I absolutely hate, just for the “shock” value of it, with NO logic, no facts, NO Explanation, nothing behind the video . . .

She was expecting a reaction, to which mine was “it happens in war”.

Simple, factual, no right, no wrong, no good, no bad – it just HAPPENS.

And to debate any further, you’d have to look at facts, which of course people dont want to look at  or even acknowledge.

That provoked an “angry face” in response.

“But <name chopped, as it could be ANYONE, not just Gorilla Girl>, you dont read, you dont research, all of which are necessary for having a reasoned discussion on this”, I told her.

“All you do is watch mindless, brainless, moronic videos which do nothing but fry the brain more with liberal induced “panic” BS” . . .

“Oh, OK! I’ll educate myself more to talk to you!” , she responded haughtily in that cute manner women often have, and walked off – of course, she never did. Hehe. All good. 

The point begets though . . .

Most people are so addicted to dumbphones that talking any sort of reason or logic with them (my wife being one prime example) is like banging your head against the proverbial brick wall, yet, it’s not just the mindless “lose yourself in the video” BS (and fry your brain while you’re at it) why these people DO it.

It’s to not face facts.

In the vast majority of cases, these people have a boring unfulfiling life themselves – and it’s “escapism” – easy to do – not only that, it’s called ignoring the facts because they KNOW the facts are true – yet they believe there is nothing they can do about it, so they ignore it.

Sure, you can be that ostrich sticking your head in the sand if you so choose, content to watch “teasers” and edited videos which do exactly F all in terms of explaining the REAL situation and history and PEOPLE behind whatever it is you want to discuss.

“I just sent video!”



The why is the point, Sophia . . .

Anyway – these ostriches – or sheep – are the first ones to be culled when shit really hits the fan. You can of course tell them this, tell them to prepare, tell ’em to make plans, none of it will make a damn bit of difference to them, so you might as well save your breath.

I mean, good or bad in war …

During WWII, the US used naval blockades as part of their strategy against Japan to “starve Japan” (oddly enough, the same thing happening now with Russia and Ukraine is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad, from a logical perspective, I wonder WHY?? – goose and gander, anyone??) – and I believe it was General MacArthur (not sure, but I think so) who predicted that it would cause more than a million casualties on the Allied side (mostly US I believe, but again, I’m not entirely sure on that one, but Allies yes) – and pretty much starve the entire country of Japan to death.

… and hence, they dropped “two bombs, two cities” and the war was over (which of course they conveniently papered over the massive Soviet contribution to the war before that which really caused the German demise, and the battle the Soviets turned around and fought with the Japanese BEFORE the Big Boys were dropped).

The “in the trenches” contribution that really turned it around, ass whooping all the way straight to Berlin when no-one expected it after the massive and brutal hammering the Soviets took initially.

Dont get me wrong.

I aint no cheerleader for nobody, I’m pointing out the FACTS.

And what is right, what is wrong?

Dropping the bomb, or the million casualties, or … ?

(On a side note, this was also the “shock and awe” tactic you hear so much about when the US Pounded Iraq – but that wasn’t the meaning of the term as it was originally intended. Originally, the term was intended to have “max impact, minimum casualties” – the British had a far better term for it than “shock and awe”, but the media picked up on the latter, and so …. but essentially that is what it was “one bomb, one city”, done with it – not “max casualties”).

Right, wrong?

During WWII, the city of Kolkata was pretty much starved to death too – I believe the entire state, actually, in the Bengal famine of 1943 – where pretty much it boils down To Churchill and the policy of taking all the grain away from India to feed the UK which at that point was pretty much being hammered by the Nazis.

Right, wrong?

It happens. It’s war. You make tough choices, that is how it is.

Doesnt dim my perception of Churchill being a great leader one damn bit either.

You be the judge, but you can only be the judge if you have access to facts, and more importantly, if you READ these facts, process, think intelligently, and so forth.

Most people dont.

Dont get me wrong – I’m not a huge believer in the sh-news anyway, and regularly call it out myself, yet, before starting my day, I’ll often idle over the news for a while – and when I Read it, guess what the words are that come to mind.

“Common fuckin sense”.

“This started a long long time ago”.

Trust me, if you’re reading a lot about inflation in the news now and if doom and gloom is all you hear, it’s been going on for years – a lot longer before it finally hit the “mainstream” news.

Like a certain Marjorie Taylor Greene, a lady I rather admire and like if just for the way she presents FACTS –

“Republicans saying something is just the news six months early”

(or something like that was her latest comment).

I tend to agree, except I’d say in my case two years or more earlier. Hehe.

The key thing, as always is READ – be informed, but dont INTERNALIZE the news to an extent that you forget everything you have to do for the day and think “doom and gloom” all day long.

I dont obsess all day about “what turn the war will take” or other nonsense I cannot control. I know what will happen, other than that, I also know two things – one, man’s THINKING is what shapes his or her future – and two – it’s my job to keep myself INFORMED of everything going on.

And thats the extent of it in that regard. Most people end up internalizing the news, but it’s better in my opinion to internalize what is happening out there – not ideal, but better than the alternative of as they say in India “bheja fry” (fry your brain, except not quite as Hannibal would, hehe – but by watching vidoes on the dumbphone).

Thing is, to make the sort of judgements I do, the predictions etc, it doesnt take anything YOU dont have already.

All it takes is the following –

A Brain.

A willingness to use the brain, and learn to trust your GUT.

And reading, researching, acknowledging facts which a lot of you after reading even half this email will yawn and go back to your videos, and thats fine – point is, all you need is the Internet in addition to the above two which if you’re reading this, you have access to, no?

Other than that, of course, your choice . . .

Fitness wise, same thing.

Some of you on this list have STILL, despite knowing fully well that fitness is the order of the day more so NOW than ever before, that your very survival could be at stake – knowing fully well that my fitness system is by far the best sort of training you can do because you can take it anywhere, there is no need for gyms, or any equipment even (other than large stones or boulders if you so choose, hehe)  – NOT gotten the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

When someone points this out, these people lash out with nonsense like ‘we dont need it’ (when you know fully well you dont just need it, but you WANT it too – a noxious heady cocktail that, aint it , hehe) – when you know it will help you – and some lash out with price related rubbish, some lash out with other tripe . . .


Despite EVERYTHING having gone up over the past year – big time – and even this year – the price of the 0 Excuses Fitness System has NOT.

And that alone is a fact which should hammer sense into a lot of people . . .

Along with the fact that for REAL Fitness, what you NEED – is not the stupid edited half ass Tik tok videos you see all around, or the Youtubers with their glitzy living rooms showing you basic moves in revealing outfits or what not, or chowing down on so called healthy crap in “exotic” locations and all that.

All that might look good, but it’s in the trenches and “boring” relentless repetition, often times in a dark cave that gets the job done.

It’s READING – and learning from someone that has DONE it – and been in the trenches more often than he cares to admit that gets it done.


Mine are unedited. LONG. And they’re shot in my living room, which you can even see my suitcase sitting around there, along with empty boxes of green tea.

I was told to edit that out.

I didnt.

I’d rather keep it real and focus on what matters- the CONTENT!

And that is what I did – that is what YOU need as well my friend fitness wise.

Anyway, this has gone on for too long already so I’ll end it here.

Fitness wise though, you simply MUST get the 0 Excuses Fitness system if you have’t already, and that is the bottom line – period.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No, and thinking “I’ve seen it already” and clicking past or not clicking at all wont resolve the situation either . . .

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