What yours truly “Twiggy” just read. Hehe.
- Gotta love me a LONNNNNNNNG rant!

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A couple of weeks ago, I recieved a lengthy rant – sort of along the lines of what Charles the former friend sent in about my comments on “just do it” – and his “irritation” at not being able to do handstand pushups and pull-ups because of – well, that massive, ponderous belly of his he refuses to acknowlege, and when he does, he blames the fitness guys for it ie THEIR stuff doesnt work (of course, he ignores yours truly back in the day “phat phocker” who used his own programs and got into the best shape of his life…) …

Now this rant came in with the ” I need to talkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” subject line.

It got my attention, I’ll say that, but only because of the person sending it.

I then wrote about it here – a must read!

I was expecting a response from him right then and there – the person being referenced there – hehe, I did not mention him by name to “give him a break” in that post, so I wont mention him here as well – oddly enough, that lengthy rant which sounds like “Benny is literally in tears” doesnt mention me by name either – I guess if anything, he’s picked up some of my “devious” methods. Hehe.

But I didnt get any, so I moved on …

This morning, I saw something on Twitter about “I failed and moved on”.

Nothing wrong with that of course, failure is part and parcel of success – and you dont succeed ONE (big) time without failing like 99 times before, or maybe more than that.

Numbers … and hot shit, ah, but we’ll get to that. This was one of the best compliments I could have been paid, hehe.

He starts off with with a lengthy rant about how he can’t do pull-ups rights and how “he’ll never be a movie star” or “have the best looks” (or at all) – and how you’ll never see him do a perfect pushup (all the while ignoring the fact he’s got way more fat around the midsection than he needs to – something which not just me, but guys like Matt Furey etc have pointed out to him YEARS Ago – there is proof – verifiable proof of all this) … in short, he’s doing precisely what Charles did i.e blame the messenger – but he’s doing it smarter ie he’s blaming the entire “exercise” – anyone but himself.

So typical.

Brings me back to my own phat phocker days, and hey, I get it – I’d be a little touchy feely about my weight too – but to my credit, I never let my weight get in the way of doing perfect reps on each exercise! (hence, those photos are there on the COVER of the books to show YOU what is possible!).

When as recently as last year a guy told me – a good friend and customer – about letting myself get out of shape (well, for a few months) – I fully agreed with him. Hehe. That has been well documented too.

No hissies from yours truly. Hehe.

“Thanks for taking it like a man!” is what he wrote.


REAL criticism as opposed to the nonsense I wrote about in the last email and that which you’re going to see NOW here – is something I welcome, because it helps me improve.  (and because the person criticizing truly had my best interests at heart. It’s a vibe, it shines through!).

Those that really know me in person know I’m the most self critical person of all – even when I was climbing those hills 7 times a day in blazing heat and humidity, I was thinking “how can I make this better”.

Always aim to IMPROVE, and the only way you can do that is by having people that can kick your ass – of which there are admittedly plenty, but MORE IMportantly, TAKING the feedback in the sense it was meant.

I’ve given this guy feedback on his excess weight, but I didnt troll him, I didnt say anything other than respond to the videos he sent me saying “at least he was doing something” – and then I proceeded to try and help him – for FREE.

Again, big mistake there.

See the last email for that (it’s funny how these guys keep coming back to sneakily read what is there on the website, isn’t it – hehe – like Glyn Bozo for one, always back here no matter what … they truly can’t get enough of me. Hehe).

(and for this guy when he threw a hissy about not selling my products because I wouldn’t give them to him for free,  I just calmly told him “ok” and not much else, other than some advice and a few of my links – seems that really rankled).

But that wasn’t it.

What REALLY rankled was my comments about his fitness, but sorry bro, if it was just me saying it I’d understand, but pretty much everyone and anyone you come in contact with says it my friend.

That you’re FAT.

Sorry, but I’m not going to sugar coat it.

And as Brooks Kubik said in his world famous Dinosaur Training Book, if you’re fat and have a huge gut hanging over your midsection, then you’re not going to look like an athlete. 

No-one’s saying look like a movie star. I’ve gone on record saying looks are something you cannot control, therefore despite my own (admittedly very) good looks, I could care less about them – that is something I was “given” (as far as I’m concerned) via genetics, but my FITNESS – now that I DO tom tom – and will until the day I pass, because I WORKED for it, damn hard at that!

Anyway – let’s get to his “el rant”, hehe.

I’ll leave the whining and moaning out, I’ll leave the comments others have left him out of this – I’ll simply say this much  … or, I’ll paste the parts where he (indirectly – credit, hehe, he’s learnt SOMETHING from his association with me!) talks about ME.

The Stella Artois of Fitness. Hehe.

You’ll never see me do the best looking pullup or the most awesome pushup, I don’t have the patience to do 1000 or even 500 Squats anymore, I don’t have a great looking set of Core Muscles but I know how strong they are, I move weird in certain animal exercises but that’s what the universe gave me. I know what I can do and constantly learning what I’m capable of. What I can do has kept me strong and durable for the longest time, what I can do, helps others and what I can do, inspires a lot. I’ve also failed at doing things that weren’t meant for me in the first place and tried to live up to others’ ideas.

I’m not meant to do someone else’s program to the “T”, I wasn’t meant to live up to those who don’t really matter and I’m damn sure I wasn’t meant to be affiliated with a company that by all accounts, has a guy who thinks he’s hot shit and acts like he’s god’s gift to fitness when he looks like Twiggy and can’t properly set up a camera to get a good angle for exercises. If you feel the need to film yourself being in a dark ass room and nobody can see you but you want everyone to listen to you, you might want to just put out an audio. Anyway, the real lesson here is, failure is a part of life, the real success is how we break through it and keep fighting to get what makes us successful.

Like Dude, you’re really digging a HOLE for yourself here. Heh.

Let’s take a look (and remember, this is but two paragraphs of his whining)

And before you take a look at it, remember, that when he first asked me for freebies, here was a comment from him (very heartfelt at that) –


Thank you for sharing my blog on yours and even reminding others of the things I promote with other people. Nobody has ever done that or even went out of their way to mention that.

// chopped//
You are a hell of an observer but I wanted to fill in the blanks. I’m not big on the squats as much anymore and have focused on Step Ups like legendary wrestler Bob Backlund. Those have been a huge difference for my legs and are better suited to my structure than the squats have.

Keep it up man, I love your writing style and you’ve got an honest sense of humor.

My, my, my. How things change eh. Truly, either you love me, or you hate me (and if I had given him free products, he’d be writing tomes about how great I was right now).

Anyway –

You’ll never see me do the best looking pullup or the most awesome pushup, I don’t have the patience to do 1000 or even 500 Squats anymore,

He means he doesnt have the MENTAL focus to do them. I’m not sure if he ever did, or he wouldn’t be writing what he is – anyone that has EVER, even once, done 500 Hindus in a ROW knows this for a fact – there are very few other physical activities that start to compare, and probably NONE (other than those long repeated hill climbs) that truly build mental focus and gumption like the Hindus do.

It ain’t about looking good either. It’s about doing the exercise right – not doing it half ass and then saying “it don’t fit my body” so I am going to do it this way. True, if he’s got pre existing injuries I’ll make exceptions, but you cannot use injuries as an excuse for being fat and overweight my friend, that is just the bottom line, if you ain’t getting your chin over the bar, it ain’t a damn pull-ups, and thats that. Simple.

Patience? Dude, 500 Hindus done in one row takes like 15 minutes on average IF – big if – you do ’em right. 

Clearly you’ve never done ’em, and if you dont have the patience to exercise without getting your panties in a royal mess for 15 minutes then true, you’re certainly not cut out for 0 Excuses Fitness – or any real fitness program for that matter (but especially not around here). 

He clearly considers himself “too good” for pushups and squats, how anyone REMOTELY interested in real fitness other than “2 second Tik Tok jerkies” could say that is utterly beyond me. I thought the guy was a doer when he joined me, apparently I was dead WRONG.

The big dog of fitness, and the big Daddy of fitness, he ignores both saying “I have no patience” or “not my body type” or some utterly retarded excuses that even his pre existing injuries which I’ve been more than kind with him on compensate for.

Really – the “L” word comes to mind – or CAME to mind when he said that! I wasn’t sure if the commentators on his blog had something personal against him or not, but now it seems they dont, they’re simply pointing out the facts (much like I do, except yours truly seems “truly more eloquent” in that regard. Hehe).

I’m damn sure I wasn’t meant to be affiliated with a company that by all accounts, has a guy who thinks he’s hot shit and acts like he’s god’s gift to fitness when he looks like Twiggy and can’t properly set up a camera to get a good angle for exercises

Remember the rant on Isometric and Flexibility Training – hehe. Similar rant, except that was about “it not looking pretty”, and this dude is interested in camera angles.


Admittedly my camera work is bare bones. I hate taking videos, but I’ll take them, but they’ll be done BRUTAL – bare bones – in my style – and they’re heavy on info, not miscallaneous bullshit, and I certainly wouldn’t hire Sylvester Stallone’s make up artist to look even prettier than I am, hehe – and I’ll leave my gaffes in there too (it isn’t meant to be “unrealistic”).

Again – he’s right, he probably wasn’t meant to be associated with this company – even the system ignored his application for six months, when I finally fished it out of junk, he was MORE than happy to get the chance to work with me.

Hot shit, God’s gift to fitness, sounds like a certain idiot Glyn – or perhaps Ricky – this constant “God” reference (someone who is a self avowed atheist and always will be, hehe) –  as for hot shit?

Well, that I am.

I’m super humble too.

thing is, I’ve got the track record to back it up – and YOU – DON’T (I’m referring to the person posting this, not the reader).

simple as that, pally.

I’m hot shit and I can back my shit up – you obviously cannot. And that hurts, I get it, but it’s TRUE.

If you feel the need to film yourself being in a dark ass room and nobody can see you but you want everyone to listen to you, you might want to just put out an audio

True, but then again, why not a video?

Especially given youtube as far as I know doesn’t support audio? Unless I’m wrong Sir … Hehe.

(not to mention this bozo never addressed what I asked in my videos ie has he – or those whining and moaning – ever DONE the thing – especially hardcore style?)


Thats a new one! Hehe. I remember my wife bitching about me looking like “13 or 14” when I did these workouts, of course, with her fat belly hanging out … LOL.


I’ll take Twiggy.

I’ll take being a movie star – or a TV star.

I’ll take being in the best damn shape of my life.

I’ll also gladly if you roll back the clock take being called a phat phock, at that time I was, so …

But you won’t hear me moan about it.

This Twiggy by the way could snap your grip like a twig, that I AM sure of (again – referring to the guy posting this rant, not the reader). Hehe. And that doesnt come from me – it comes from men more than twice my size that make me look like a mite, not Twiggy (David, not Goliath. Hehe). (real men that have served for years in the Marines, the military at that).

“An unnatural kung fu like grip”.

Indeed, hehe.

I’d rather sell – and teach – THAT type of person, real men, DOERS. (and work with as well as opposed to whiny self entitled phat phocks likely living on … ah, I’ll let that one go – personal, I know, hehe … I’ll just say as opposed to people like “bozo Schofield”).

As for the last bit about failure, I never insinuated he failed at anything or said it, so I am not sure where he is coming from on that.

He though did insinuate I failed (hilarious, that part about “did you ever sell your books!”) – just like a certain Bozo Schofield who was then laughed out of it roundly … by one and sundry. Or, all and sundry I should say.

Anyway – bottom line is this.

If youre a phat phock my friend, then thats what you are – fat.

If you’re in damn good shape and “hot shit” – then thats what you are – hot shit!

And, the fitness system that gets you there better than any other is the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

There is NO other system out there like it, period.

Get it NOW.

And to end – before I do – let me get yet another gem from what he said –

There is this fear people have of being open about their failures. I’m no exception but I also know who will tell me the truth, the real truth because they know me best. If you don’t know me outside of the web, you have no reason to tell me the truth or have the faintest idea of what the truth is with me.

Obviously he’s been told he’s failed over and over again and has some complex about it. Beats the heck out of me why he thinks I said that though, though of course the entirety of his post is aimed at not just big bad “aggressive evil” Rahul, but the aggressive, evil WORLD in general.

That part about “if you dont know me, you dont know the truth!” – is exactly, I repeat EXACTLY the sort of defensive comment someone makes when the other person has knowingly or not HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD in terms of the truth.

Anyway – we’re almost at what, 4K words? I’ll let this one be for now.

Get the 0 Excuses Fitness System now if you haven’t as yet – NO excuses, pally!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More:

I don’t have a great looking set of Core Muscles but I know how strong they are, I move weird in certain animal exercises but that’s what the universe gave me.

Maybe they dont look good, but that aint the point. The point is there is way too much FAT there. Which he keeps trying to paper over saying “that is what the Universe gave me”, which is what I find so “sorry ass” about his rant – like dude, EVERYONE has told you, including the mirror. Take a look at it, and you’ll see the truth for yourself, blaming the “Universe” for it may may you feel better, but it does F all in terms of changing the reality – if anything, you’re pushing yourself back even further.

Admit where you are NOW.

Then see yourself where you want to be – whether thats like me – or whoever – or your own ideal, as you say.

And figure out a way to get there – join the dots – if you do it right, you’ll be doing it on auto pilot, which is one lesson I give you in Zero to Hero! – one amongst many.

I dont know if he looks wierd in animal exercises or not – I seem to recall an instance where I gave him kudos for doing those exercises the way he was . . . so I dont know where he’s coming from. Probably other comments he gets on his blog from “annoymous” sources – of which there seem to be plenty. Hehe. (again, proof in the pudding).

To me, we all look wierd doing animal workouts, but who cares – the point isn’t that again.

He’s so caught up on looks this guy – inferiority complex – BIG TIME!

And I get it, look, dude, at the age of 19, my roommate told ME the same damn thing when I made a comment about “what will women think”.

Given my own background growing up, the zero opportunities to do what I wanted in terms of fitness, NO knowledge, and then being thrown all of a sudden “sink or swim” in a culture I had never really known a lot about other than books etc – at the age of 19, somewhat understandable, but no excuses, pally – even at that age.

Certainly not when you’re a phat phock approaching 40 and you NEVER grew up (there were some comments on his blog saying just that, I passed that off as jealous people, but it now seems there is an element of, or maybe more than, truth to it?)

I mean dude, thats WOMEN who are supposed to be that damn conscious about “how they look” and other rubbish of that nature. Not men … I realize given the lunacy these days your definition of manhood and manliness might be different from mine, but again, that is how it IS.

(and even those damned girls look “hot and sweaty and wierd” when working out – thats just how it is).

Anyway, those of you that want REAL ABS that LOOK as strong as they are – REAL abs, not beach boy fluff – get on the exercises in Corrugated Core. Once you do, you’ll understand what “ab work” is really, really all about!

And one last “lovely” comment from this dude … he wrote this –

I understand this article comes off as a pity party and I’m just begging for attention when the truth is; this is just me being human and sharing with you a side of me that is about as real as you can get until you’ve actually been around me and not just go by what I’ve written.

Pity Party.

Indeed. I should have used that as the title of the post “Pity Party Twiggy Central“. Hehe.

But for now we’ll stick to what it is …  (I’ll ask Sophia to bring me a handkerchief too, though I never cry, I might make an exception … hehe).

On that note of course, more – (last, I promise, this dude is just hilarious, I have to share the pity party)

(he truly needs some scones along with it as well, pump them “muscles” with all the bloat up some more, hehe).

 I need to take my own advice on many things and learn to take things for what they are and pay attention more to who I really trust in this world. Very few in my life I trust and one of them isn’t here anymore that I can talk to. 

Gee, I dont know if thats because a certain friend of his passed away (which I’ve no idea if thats true or not, as I dont know the guy “personally”, but he posted about it before) – but really, pity party my friend – people pass away all the time, doesnt mean you cry and moan about “not being able to talk to anyone”.


Not to mention, you can always talk to them if they’re truly in your heart and mind . . .

Anyway, enough of this. But this guy is just classic, I had to . . . not to mention, trust? and “few people he trusts” – like really, one massive rant that was, a hissy fit and nothing else really. Suspect the shoe is starting to pinch and his sales are really tanking now, if at all. Hehe.

Ain’t I an utter arsehole for pointing out the facts.

But facts remain facts regardless of the messenger, my friend…

Alright, enough. But really, well and truly, the ONE book – numero UNO as my little girl so adroitly keeps reminding me (gotta love it when the rest of the family’s so called crappy advice on learning French or what not was rejected, and a quiet word from me or two was enough to convince the chip off the old block to learn something USEFUL i.e. Spanish) …. that ole Benny needs like air, water (and food, how could I forget that, hehe) – is THIS ONE.

The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales. 

And I’ve no doubt he’ll be back to read this too. Hehe.

(And yes, those tips work in ANY Economy!). (especially bad ones like NOW).

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