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- NOW.

I had this interesting dream last night – which is by no means an “aberration” to the norm.

I have dreams all the time, and I decipher them all the time, and they always correctly predict the occurrences in the day – or days ahead – I’ve spoken about that before.

Last night though, I had a dream about “bank withdrawals”.

I think I saw a statement or something with some numbers, but the “statement” itself is hazy, the rows aren’t.

And for whatever reason, my wife popped into mind, every time she has to withdraw money (in fact at the time of writing this, she is probably doing it NOW) – she falls into one of her moods.

Not that it takes much for her – or a woman in general – to get into a “mood” if you get my drift.

But every time she withdraws money, you can bet your bottom dollar she isnt happy.

I dont know why – she has more than plenty, but her thinking is the opposite. Haha.

Personally, for me, spending money is something I enjoy.

Not so much “because I spent money”, but because to me the end result is more important, i.e. if I see something I really want then I’m getting it no matter WHAT – the money is simply a “medium”, numbers in the bank, nothing more, nothing less, can always be replaced, more always comes, and so forth …

Lots of people buy into the hoarding mentality though i.e. “if I spend even a single penny, there goes my money”.


You have to give first to receive.

And with money, the more you circulate it (for proper purposes, logical purposes) – the more comes back to you.

It is another one of those “natural” laws of compensation I talk about. Just as energy comes back to you, so does money (if it’s good energy) … (and to me, money is essentially at the end of the day “energy” of sorts).

Which of course (energy) costs a bomb – no pun intended – these days. Hehe.

Anyway, all that aside………..

I had this idea in the middle of the night about a “fitness reboot“.

It was so distinctive I even wrote it down right there and then, and then here I am writing to YOU about it.

Why not make TODAY – NOW – the day and time you reboot your fitness – and therefore your life – for the BETTER?

Lots of us need a reboot at some stage.

And I’m betting most people reading this could do with a reboot of sorts, start all over (or get the chance to) – and DO something with their fitness, DO what they want to with their lives (i.e. really want to) and so forth …

The two things I said in this email may appear to be unrelated.

But they aren’t, my friend.

They never are.

And fitness wise, get your NEW start on today – right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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Jump – a roy! (if I got that right), hehe. I was going to say “Ahoy” but I thought of the other phrase first, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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