How 15 minutes of working out – can indeed give you 15 x TEN productivity…
- And it can - and DOES.

Dont believe me?

I understand, my friend.

I was going to title this email “my workout this morning”, but then I chanced upon this title I had in mind and am writing to you about it.

This morning, there was a lot of BS going on I dont want to talk about – I prefer my mornings “undisturbed” (reminds me of a certain “ball and chain arising from her pit” -John, that was the BEST thing you ever wrote – I still cackle about it, hehe – the sheer IMAGERY those words evoke, and they’re so true, at least for me!) … and they weren’t, but thats fine, I did my mental training as I always do before doing anything else.

I’ve mentioned what it is, but since it seems to fly over most people’s heads, and some dont believe in it (which is fine) – I wont talk too much about it, but it literally works miracles in my life my friend. Miracles.

Anyway – after that – my tea, emails, pruning lists of dead weight, idiots that wont buy, idiots that complain about prices then after being blocked try to resign up and so forth …

… and pruning in general.

But this email isn’t about removing what you dont want in your life to attract what you DO WANT.

It’s about this – I was feeling “off”.

yesterday was a light workout by my standards, and I dont know, this morning when I woke up, just feeling “off”.

Maybe I’m not fully recovered I thought (from the flu).

I  probably am not.

While waiting for my tea I pumped out a 100 squats on the spur of the moment.

I felt amazingly fluid while doing these!

I broke a light sweat. Did NOT jump right into the shower…

(Yes, 100 squats will make YOU sweat if you do ’em right, my friend. These were bodyweight squats, but the same thing applies to Hindus, same thing applies to fitness gurus and couch potatoes, this exercise will kick EVERYONE’s ass if you do it in proper form and full speed.

You might think for me that would be “easy” – and it is – but I still break a light sweat when doing them non stop, so it should be, or the exercise would be “worthless” if it didnt make me huff and puff and “feel it” even at my level!).

Then I did some dead hangs on the pull bar while the tea was brewing.

I like it strong!

I did ’em with thick grips as I always do.

10 pull-ups later, and about an hour or so later, I’m feeling so refreshed I’m wondering why I didnt do more (I will, hehe).

That workout took me a sum total of probably four minutes minus the dead hangs which took 1.5 minutes more (30 second hold each time from different angles).

And it’s given me nigh triple the productivity I would have had otherwise within less than an hour!

I’ve written about this before of course. I’ve written about how mini workouts get you in top shape – about how I was talking about them for years, and the world is only “now” starting to pick up on it – about how if you work out between the power hours of 11AM – 1PM – you truly get even more BOOST for your bang – or bang for your BUCK, hehe – ditto for late night workouts, but even if you do it at a time of your choosing as I did today, mini workouts just … there’s nothing that beats them.

You just feel awesome afterwards!!

Pity more people don’t do ’em, you’d not only get in better shape, but there’d be a lot less vipers clambering out of pits for one if this was done. Hehe.

anyway …

That s that for now. Some lady’s been hankering after me to chat about something for days, I best go see what it is before … ah, but you know what I’m saying there! ?

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This “little workout” of 100 squats and 10 pull-ups is more than what the average Joe can conceptualize these days, let alone DO. We’ve truly turned into a society of wusses over the past 20 years or so, especially the last few years.

(if I said do 500 squats a day in sets of 5, people will be clamoring for my head. literally. hehe).

And if you think it wont get in you super shape my friend – oh yeah it will.

DO – and you shall the power.

And learn how to do them thigh shakingly SUPERB workouts right here.