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Without you even trying, my friend.

I dont know if you know what I’m talking about, but maybe you do …

In 2002, I went to China for the first time – at the age of 23, supposedly my “best time” when I was supposed to be in the “best shape of my life”.

Yet, for me, it’s been the opposite most of my life.

When young, I was never in good shape – though I wanted to be – and got ridiculous advice from all and sundry in terms of training such as “lift pink 10 kg dumbbells” for half an a hour day, thats how the big guys build muscle!

Or, the “he thinks he’s so strong” comments made by family members who did not know any better that tore me down mentally.

This isn’t me castigating family here. This is me being brutally honest with you about my LIFE and fitness – and ME – in general as I always am, and telling you a story as I always end up doing – all true, hehe.

REAL LIFE! Perhaps no other book fits the “real” (keeping it real) category better than THIS one, the words BE flying out of my mouth as I speak – phew!

Deep breath.

But anyway, so I went to China, climbing the stairs to my fourth floor apartment left me dizzy (almost) and breathing hard, when I had to lug suitcases up there? My! It was like I had to climb Everest!

And dont get me wrong.

I did other things back then – I was a weight lifter – I lifted real weights, not 10 kg dumbbells!

People in the office would squeeze my forearms and say “he’s STRONG!”

I still remember my mother, who once made the “he thinks he’s so strong” comment when I was young say the reverse when she saw me lug their suitcases up – heavy ass 25 kg suitcases, one hand at a time up to my apartment.

“I’ll never forget how you did that”, she exclaimed.

But even with all that, a lot was missing.

I was strong, but not anywhere NEAR fit.

And I could use my strength ONCE – but nowhere near what it needed to be ie. “repetitively”.

It was really in the September of 2003 or I believe 2004 (I Think I first went to China in 2003, not 2002 as I said up there) that my life changed …

Anyway, I’ll get the dates clear later.

… when I met a certain Ann Lee!

The first time I dated her in the park – right smack next to my house, with a huge mountain in it I could SEE from my apartment, yet for some odd reason I ignored this free fitness tool right in front of me (we often do that!) … the date was her idea, the park? I didnt even know it was there! – and we climbed the mountain, I remember what a MESS I felt like when doing it!

I remember STRUGGLING up that damn hill like it was Everest (right now I can slink up it easy peasy five times a day, and it ain’t an easy hill to hike, trust me!) … I remember how out of breath I was, I remember my legs turning to jelly – my lower back wonking out – and calves burning … and all along, I remember a PUMP, a massive PUMP in my forearms of all things I had NEVER felt with anything else!

I still remember the girls there giggling in that cute Chinese way and pointing at the fat lao wai (foreign devil, or “wai guo ren” – old man from from foreign land) climbing the hell ….

Or was it hill. Hehe. It felt like the former!

I remember thinking “when will this damn torture end”. Hehe. That hill felt interminable!

Up “she” goes – yet again, hehe. As Uncle Bob once told me “thats what God invented fourth gear for”. I’d say SECOND gear on hills, hehe. And my two gears are all I ever needed!

I was going to put the picture from Advanced Hill Training here too, maybe someday.

For now – back to it –

THAT, as a certain Kelly was to say “years later” – is REAL TRAINING!

REAL HILL climbing!

I had experienced it before when climbing the Indian Himalayas, so steep that when I asked my father to do it again once after a day the very vehment “NO WAY!” was all the answer I needed Hehe.

Anyway – where was I.

Swashbuckling thighs, eh.

The hill caused a revolution in my life, fitness wise, most of it is here for you to see!

It CHANGED my life – till this day, I credit Ann Lee for doing this.

If she had not come into my life, none of this would have happened.

Of course, I credit my work on a certain Dongguan Expat website as well for that, but thats another story!

Anyway, I quickly got in better shape climbing that hill on the weekend, then after Ann Lee kicked my rumpus again (I was making excuses about not climbing after work “it’s too late” or something) – I started doing it daily, and a fitness machine emerged.

The lower back that had felt so wonky for DAYS after that first climb – became STRONG.

The legs – thighs especially turned into rippling pillars of STEEL from that climb.

My upper body fat disappeared, my strength improved, my PULL-ups shot through the roof, most of all, I was seeing my GRIP strength improve by leaps and bounds which amazed me!

An idiot once wrote back on Gorilla Grip saying “he claims he’s improved his grip by NOT doing a single pull-up for months, but he doesnt say how he’s done it!”.

Actually, I did say.

He was just too dumb to read between the lines.

My core strength increased x 10, my digestive issues went away, but all of that is different, another story, what I’m going to tell you about is one night I was walking to the bank to get some cash for a trip out of China, and the way I was walking, with my thighs bulging out naturally – well, I dont know if you guys have ever experienced that, but it makes you feel like a BILLION BUCKS!

I repeat, a billion bucks, untouchable, confidence like nothing else, and it usually comes with a toned swagger to your CORE too, strength you will NEVER lose!

I’ve often tried to replicate this “without having it”, and it showed. People told me “dont splay your legs out like that!”

But when you have it naturally, it shows too!

In the movie Get Carter, Sly Stallone walks into see the owner of the pub where his brother Richie died – now, he’s dressed in a full suit, typical “mob enforcer”, calm, menacing, quiet, viper ready to strike if need be … goateed to a T, and so forth, as my friend Lily once said, “looking like a bad ass!”

He was.

But that walk to the desk, much like my walk to the ATM that night, the way the thighs rippled, that understated SWAGGER that comes from being in SUPER SHAPE – I’ll never forget that!

You have to FEEL IT to UNDERSTAND!

And squats, my friend, are the ONE exercise that will give you this x 10000!

Sure, you can climb stairs, you can hike hills – all of that is great.

But like I’ve said above, nothing replaces squats.

You that can hike hills for hours might be amazed when you first get on some of the squats in my program, you might not be able do more than 25, and you might not be able to walk for days after wards either.

Trust me on this one!

Squats do what NO other exercise does, my friend, and back to swashbuckling SWAGGER, and machismo, and feeling great… well, thats the icing on the cake, but also the reason you should be DOING these in the first place!

On one last note – some of you might ask though, “why do I need squats” (given what I’ve said about other forms of training).

You might as well ask me “why do you need to breathe – or train – or live in the first place”, it’s that obvious.

Look, like I’ve said before, nothing beats the up and down motion your body makes, and the internal changes that go on your body, the strength it builds, the functional strength it builds throughout the whole body that you simply cannot get from any other movement.

When you wrestle, for one, what sort of positions do you have to constantly fight your way out of ?

I dont think you’re climbing a hill or stairs in that motion, are you?

Squats have a CIRCULAR sort of motion, my friend, not just Hindus, all squats, that ensure you return back to where you started, “full circle”, a motion used in EVERYDAY life, fighting, walking, all of it, and again, you have to squat first to truly understand it.

Sure, the other methods I’ve mentioned work, but they dont work nearly as well as squats, and NOT in the same manner.

Does that mean you dont do them?

Of course not.

You do BOTH. You have ALL the fitness tools you need in your fitness toolkit, not just one, but you dont neglect the most basic and important one as most people DO.

Squats build EVERYDAY strength and functional fitness – and I’m talking BODYWEIGHT squats in a way nothing else can, that is the most simple and concise answer I can give you. There is a reason the old timers did these daily without fail and in high reps, and if even that isn’t enough for you, you’re at the wrong page, and probably better off pumping and humping the leg press at the Jim.

And to find out more about how YOU too can develop this sort of swaggering machismo and strength in your entire body like NO other exercise can give you, go to the Squat 101 page NOW.

And reserve your copy of the book pronto, this is worth it’s weight in gold.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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