Why it never pays to get tough with the cops.
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with all the defund police nonsense and the anti cop mania I’ve been seeing as of late – THIS doesn’t come as a surprise to me – https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article264659079.html

(basically an entire police force resigned in a small town in Florida)

It’s a bit of an extreme case, that one. But it’s happened in the past… I’ll tell you that much!

But it got me to thinking about something I’ve often written about, something that you can never repeat too often, common sense as it were…

Flash back to when I was young, at the age of 13 or so where apparently “because I had long hair” the cops picked me up (in India) “because they were investigating car stereo robberies” or something.

Ive no idea why they picked on me, all I was doing was LOOKING At a car from the outside, thats all.

They probably picked on others too.

But the guy that picked me up was extremely polite, not so the investigating officer who was rude beyond a point.

They let me go, I told Mom when I got home and of course the general consensus was “he must have done something wrong”.

No I hadn’t …

When Dad got back from work – he made it to the makeshift tents those guys were using as a police station or what not (it was being built at the time I think).

Apparently officer was extremely polite to him, and the rebuke was “because of your long hair”.

To this date I dont quite agree. Hehe.

Be that as it may, yours truly has a long history of hell raising, not the least of which being the two infamous cases (especially the “kissing case” in 2009) in the Delhi High Court which if you research a bit, you’ll know more about (but the cops literally looted us in that case too before we fought back despite being told not to, and WON – along with an official letter of apology from the Police Commissioner as well).

Or, Commissioner of Police, depending upon … hehe.

Anyway – by and large?

I remember what my Dad kept saying “it doesnt pay to get tough with the cops”.

Well, it did in the latter instance, Dad – when you’re right, you’re right, thats something you kept saying “what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong”.

Fighting for something you believe in when you’re right isn’t the coward’s way out – it’s the right thing to do. I’ve done it all my life, despite being told “you’re too young to fight all your life!”

But by and large, again cops and me, in a system which respects the rules?

Personally, I agree with what my father said there (by and large, and believe me, we dont agree on a lot at all!).

Some of the instances back Stateside where the cops “stopped me” for seemingly suspicious activity like walking back at 3 AM to the dorms – luckily, although I did that all the time with beer in my bookbag, it was one of those times I had NOTHING in my bookbag, hehe – and asking me to show them my ID, or that one time I was stopped outside the dorms “because there was a robbery that took place” or something, and I still remember the black dudes all gathering together and lookin at the cops talking to “Habib” as they called me.

Oddly enough, on none of those occasions did I feel any menace, or what these BLM activists keep jumping about.

Yeah, probably they shouldn’t have stopped me, yeah, they probably shouldn’t have wanted to see my bookbag or what not, but I let them see it – very happily.

They barely even glanced once I gave them permission (I can’t even remember if he actually looked inside, or just saw the ID. I think it was just driver’s license, he handed it back and wanted the Student ID) ..

I mean, in general I’ve always felt that cops have a reason for doing what they do, and how they do – again, this in a system where the RULE OF LAW is generally respected, not in systems where cops themselves routinely flout the rules. (and law).

I mean, think about it, these guys are out there on the roads surviving on coffee pretty much, maybe doughnuts or what not while you’re partying safe at home drinking it up, eating it up, whatever, maybe just sleeping, but whatever it is, they deserve a bit more leeway than the average Shmoe in my opinion.

None of that is excusing what Derak Chauvin did, but really, if a cop asks to look in my car politely “for some reason”, to me, I wouldn’t think civil rights violating motherfucker, I’d just say whatever and if I felt he was alright, Id just let him look and be done with it.

Chances are he wouldn’t even bother looking. Hehe.

These guys aren’t stupid, theyve been on the road most of their lives, they know who the real bad guys are, the good guys, the normal guys, the hell raisers, and so forth . . .

. . Again, thats me, and I understand if someone were to politely reply “hey, show me a warrant first”.

I might even say that in some cases.


But by and large, mutual respect is what it’s about, and everyone feels that, it’s far too easy to tar all these guys with the same brush of racism, excessive brutality and so forth, but it simply is not true.

Anyway …….

I guess after all the promos I’ve been doing,and will continue to do for Squat 101, another one of those truly brutally honest books (aren’t they ALL, hehe) – Pushup Central was in mind too.

And the facts cops can tell who the REAL deal is from a mile away.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have an ex cop from NY (probably more too that I do not know of) amongst my customers, and Pushup Central is BY far his favorite course.

Even his Karate instructor didnt go as far as I do in the book with the fingertip pushups for one, and I’m just getting started. Hehe.

Our Taekwondo instructor did not either. But he always praised my slow and steady pushups!

Anyway, the great testimonial – one of them – he gave the book is on the Pushup Central page, along with more on the above statement.

And if you’re truly interested in a book that – another one of them – every serious trainee simply must have in their training kit, then get the book now.

And thats that – oh, as for WHY it doesnt pay to get tough with the cops mostly – well, they have more authority over you anyway, so why fight it.

Go with the flow.

Sometimes being a bamboo tree accomplishes results beyond what you’d ever imagine, hehe.

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Rahul Mookerjee