More on PROCRASTINATING nutjobs, Bozos and fools who never have the time to do the thing, never have any money, and thus forth . . .
- This ain't aimed at EVERYONE on the list, but ...

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Now, disclaimer – before people start jumping on me with foolish responses again – this isn’t aimed at EVERYONE on the list.

A sizeable proportion of the list does not fall into that exact category.

A sizeable proportion of fence sitters and do nothings though (unfortunately) do – and if you’re part of either “gang” – you know already. I dont need to call you out by NAME!

So this ain’t aimed at EVERYONE on the list, but ..a LOT Of you need to hear it.

And without any BS about how I should be “understanding and sympathetic towards people in these tough times” (some clown got back to me with that so called advice) (he never did tell me how the business should make moola though, hehe) ….

Look, fitness wise, if you’re someone that “never has the time to exercise” – or “gets bored easily with a 100 squats” – or “its just pushups” – or anything related then not only should you not be on the list, but you’re not really a fitness enthusiast.

Especially if you keep bringing the “I have no time to workout” BS excuse up which so many people keep doing.


They have all the time in the world to sit and watch Bozo flix all day, shove popcorn and other junk down their throats (a lot of phat phocks, guys included prefer tubs of ice cream apparently) – they’ve got all the time in the world to haunt me here, they’ve got all the time in the world to whine and moan, but ask them to do 5 minutes of squats, for one, and hear the excuses come out.

Or, the lies i.e. I did it – when your body shows you didnt. (look, if you’re fat, you can wiggle around the point all you like, but that fat and your clothes size will wiggle as you do too ….)

Any phat phock that claims “I do 500 squats” and has a belly hanging over their pants so big they can barely see, if at all,their wang doodle in the shower is a liar, plain and simple.

(I wont even get into “fat man have small penis” Chinese sayings. Hehe. Or what Confucious said about it…)

Procrastination, getting back to it – is something that irritates me no end – if there is something to be done, I do it NOW.

The time is NOW, when inspiration strikes!

Any delay, as Napoleon Hill so SAGELY states in Think and Grow Rich could possibly be and probably WILL BE fatal to your success.

You may retort “I’m not looking to succeed”.

But aren’t we all, friend?

It would be unnatural NOT to want to be super fit, everyone wants it, precious few value themselves enough to buckle down to brass tacks and do the thing – not to mention value themselves, their lives, health and fitness highly enough to INVEST in the products that MATTER! (fitness wise).

This holds true for other areas as well.

If you’re part of the fence sitter group on this list that mourns and groans about money all the time, and specifically, “never has any money” – then youre just a loser my friend, I’m sorry to say it.

Or, you’re lazy and need a job (and my products are probably not for you if you’ve been in the state for years, and unable to snap out of it).

That may sound exceedingly cut throat, but coming from someone (me) who was born with the exact, polar and precise reverse of a silver spoon in his mouth in ALL regards, both literally and figuratively, youd be an idiot to just discard what said person (me) is saying.

Sure, you could discard it … but you know it has the ring of truth to it … but back to it – this constant whining about “no money” some people get back with (I’m not naming and shaming, I couldn’t be bothered to even copy and paste their names here!) …

… It’s just more BS that I dont want to be around. And its BS, period, there is no way someone can “never have any money”. (especially when they whine about Netflix going up “yet again” – did it by the way? I’ve never had Netflix, never WILL either) …

If these people are the sort that prefer to live their lives on “minimum” and pretend that works for them and they want nothing else, goodie.

But again, they shouldn’t be on this list.

They should probably be meditating on one leg in the Himalayas.


Hey, at least you’ll get a first hand free glimpse of the battle royale about to erupt there.

Anyway, for those still rational enough to be with me –

Lessons here?

Procrastination – avoid at ALL Costs.

If you want the products, then NOW is the time to get what you truly WANT, its that simple, time – and life – and fitness flies past, it waits for NOBODY.

Do it, NOW – and be DONE with it, its that simple, for the life of me I can’t figure out why people dont get what is basic fuckin common sense, not that common apparently.

And if you choose to read this and do nothing anyway, well, at least move thy pinky to type out a few letters… (and hit reply) …

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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