Lets SQUAT – and squat with …. FEROCITY!
- This really bears mentioning, perhaps several times.

Way too many idiots and morons think the bodyweight squat – or the Hindu squat or any of the variants I’m going to be teaching you in the NEVER seen before course on squat Squat 101 is “just a warmup”

Or, it doesnt build muscle.

Or, the real deal is weighted squat, and those should really be focused upon, while the others?


“Just do it” to get them over with, and usually in a haphazard half hearted manner.

I’m here to tell all these sort of people that they’re grade A buffoons.

Not only are they choosing the path of most injury as opposed to least, but they’re also depriving themselves of the valuable tendon and ligament benefits you get from bodyweight work – not to mention strength, that can be used repeatedly without your legs giving out as opposed to 5 reps, or 20 reps while squatting a cow or what not.

Dont believe me, take the cow squatters, ask them to pump out 100 – hell, 50 ferocious squats, and we’ll see.


Maybe I should rename the book that … Hehe. Or maybe I’ll leave it the way it is!

But really, my friend.

When you do these, remember too many people go through the motions and nothing else, do NOT be one of those people.

I was resting this afternoon, then I said to myself – lets do some squats, and let’s AMP THEM!


You really put all you got into them, you dont pause for long breaks either to catch wind, you … are a man – or a woman – on a MISSION basically.

The sort of mental strength this sort of workout builds is beyond comparison, you cannot get it from anything else, weights or not included, but why just believe me?

Take it from the old time strongmen, all of who had legs of pure steel.

Not all squatted an elephant, or even bothered, but they all, right from the Gama, to Bruce Lee, to modern day legends like Herschel Walker were DAMN good at the bodyweight squat, and did tons of reps daily, often throughout the day.

There is a reason to the so called madness, or a method, and a reason behind doing what they did.

REALLY put all you have into it.

FOCUS – I repeat – focus on breathing in and out with every repetition consciously, this will make the workout far tougher, and bring way more results than if you do it without focus on the breath.

You should REALLY feel the heart thumping after around 100 reps or so, if you can even get that far.

Ass to grass – on every rep. No excuses, pally.

And STRAIGHT back up, no bent knees on that one.

And there it is.

FEROCIOUS squats, and boy do they bring results and then some.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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