The meme that made perfect sense to me from some standpoints!
- From MOST ..

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Well, first off, I think I shattered my own world record by not emailing you guys yesterday – or some of you, at least.

Or maybe the auto responders went out, I dont know.

But for someone whose been emailing for damn near centuries, so it feels like, a day’ break – hehe – not a big deal, but I “felt it”.

Anyway …

I was scrolling Shitter this morning, and one meme amongst all the rest of the other BS stood out – actually, lets talk about the latter first.

Some idiot (female) asking about “so many breakups these days, what in your opinion is the reason”.

Like honey, it’s bloody obvious, its not like you dont know the reason yourself, it’s not like it hasn’t all been headed this way for years (unless you’re part of the majority with head stuck firmly in sand) – bottom line, words have a vibe, this one came across as most from a certain Ricky does …

He already knows the answers to most of the questions he asks (repeatedly, over and over again, the same goddamned question) – yet he keeps asking “to make conversation” which he doesnt make, he wants to hear the other person speak except he doesnt hear, it’s “background music” for him at his job, and he by far ain’t the worst or only person doing this. UGH!

Anyway – the meme.

“Republicans make things way worse, Democrats are the reason they never get better”.

I had a quiet chuckle.

Old crows and all that apart – I actually agree. (though it was a liberal posting that mot likely).

Politicians, man, there is a reason I was NEVER invested into politics before Trump, there is a reason I still could care two hoots less about it all to be frank.

All birds of the same feather ultimately, all a bunch of damned crooks with a few exceptions like Mike Pompeo for one, who I whole heartedly endorse for Pres and always have – if he runs.

Anyway – it’s interesting.

The Dem part makes sense.

Dems do nothing but bitch and moan and do nothing and whine and make things worse with their lunacy – open border, defund police, funding an unwinnable war while things get progressively worse at home (while defense companies make billions of dollars), utterly useless sanctions that were designed to be useless in the first place – well, it’s no surprise that Putin (and yes, he is justified in his response, I have always said it, I will keep saying it because it is TRUE, and if you dont agree – fine – lets argue FACTUALLY ON THIS, not “emotionally”) laughs when he talks about it.

Utter BS – especially most of the news coming out on Russia and China these days (like “Xi Jinping” under house arrest – whichever fool thought that up must have been super high or something) ..

.. utter tosh, yet the libs believe it, so it’s spread everywhere.

Dont even get me started on the stuff on Russia, all of it pure bunk that even a third grader should be able to look at and say “WTF”.

Like dude (to the Ukrainian Pres) – if they’re really so weak, take your damn land back and stop begging for weapons daily which makes it worse, you were warned about this before plenty of times, you still went ahead and did what you have to, now, well, live with the consequences eh.

Just simple fuckin logic …

Anyway – back to Republicans and the far right as libs scorn us as being . . .

Look, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

I’ll be the first to admit Republican policies have collateral damage.

But thats required.

Thats life, not the nirvana “attract paradise to me” utopia liberals create in the fuckin minds.

At least we DO.

Not just sit on the sidelines and either cheer or whine and moan – and anyway, on a fitness list, for someone famously neither into politics nor any of the rest – why bring this up?

Well, first off, bottom line, people over the past few years, and this number has been increasing are getting sick and tired of mamsy pamsy liberal BS they can see through NOW (though they should have years ago).

And politics wise when the right secures majorities in countries like Sweden, you KNOW something good is happening in that regard (and Italy). (all famously “left wing” nations).

Ive no idea what will happen in the US, with all the chicanery going on, probably liberals will get re-elected (sham, or not) again.

But .. fitness wise, people are tired of shit that doesnt work.

People want old school back.

People want hardcore fitness BACK.

And the signs are all around you, my friend – talk to anyone, ask them what they really, really want fitness wise, they’ll tell you – then ask them how to get there, and the answers will be self evident.

Then there is another bunch of buffoons that is too lazy to actually do a damn thing fitness wise or life wise, and justify their lack of action by trolling others and “spying” on their emails, trying to copy their tactics (falling flat on their own damned fat faces while trying to do so) – and claiming “the soft way is the easy way to go”.

ie just say “oh, reps dont matter, pull-ups dont matter, nothing does, fat doesn’t matter, we’re all built differently”, and other horse shit these fools can themselves see through or they wouldn’t be writing about it trying to justify it.

I dont sell to that group.

But I’m so happy to note that the OTHER group is rapidly rising – UP – and is outnumbering the fools by a factor of about 10 as of now …

Last but not least, these Bozos who write back to me saying “I could do this, could do that”.

Great – what can you do NOW?

Answer in most cases is usually F all.

Look, at least show me some proof you’ve done it before, if you haven’t, then dont talk about it – especially stuff like 500 Hindu squats, and no, non sequitors of “there were no dumbphones back then” or other crap like “I dont have to justify this to you” (sure you dont, but you dont need to claim it’s true either do you? and write back to me about it saying … ah, but I wont even name and shame, pointless) ….

I mean, you’ve either done it or you haven’t, and if you genuinely have in the past, and cannot now, well, it’ll show, and thats a different case altogether.


End of rant.

A true one as always.

To pick up the most brutally honest and by far the most effective overall fitness system out there – go HERE –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And thats that.

Back – soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – To the fools spying on these emails and reverse engineering them, two things – or more –

1. Have at.

2. Your pathetic attempts at doing so shows, and its nigh retarded too.

3. It won’t work.

And four, you probably can tell swiping my stuff ain’t working either.

No, I ain’t gonna come out with the “you’ll be scared of my lawyers” crap most would come out with.

Keep doing it is what I say … Hehe.

Out for now – back soon! (PS – You know its important when I interrupted my 100 squats to talk about this. Hehe. But really, it needs to be said, it has been now).

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