Neck strength and more…
- Along with forearms...

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While watching a recent (mostly quite forgettable) movie on survivalists in the jungle (I wont even get into the story, it doesnt seem anything remotely worth telling you about at this point) I noticed something… well, that I already know.

And you should, as well.

As is to expected from people living entirely off the land, like ENTIRELY – candles made of tree wax, eating worms and meat they killed themselves, and having such an aversion to modern humanity apparently that they worship weird funguses, and (this I agree with hehe) smash any and all dumbphones they get their hands on before calling them “monster!” .. as is to be expected, these people live on the bare minimum.

Bows, arrows, wooden mats to sleep on, rattan “blankets” and so forth, and with all that bare minimum, they’re SKINNY as heck – you’d think.

Most would call ’em skinny .

Yet, you look at the muscles on their frames.

Compact muscle, strong muscle, SINEWY muscle – literally an example of steel and whalebone!

If you’ve ever wondered how certain African tribes living in the jungle have legs of streaming steel despite probably not doing a single squat – well, this email is for you.

Amidst all this, well, one of the survivalists I’m talking about is an older guy, another a younger one.

And the first thing you notice about the younger guy – if you do (other than his attraction to the girl in the movie who seems to be there just for “show” ) ?


Again, most would call him rail – or bone – skinny.

Most idiots would at least…

But you look at that neck, it’s anything BUT skinny.

It’s not just you know what’s that are the biggest often for skinny guys. Hehe.

“Pang ren qui dian”, fat man have small penis, well, thats an ancient Chinese saying, and it rings true, but they should have made one along the lines of skinny guys with thick necks too!

The neck, my friend, along with the legs and forearms are a sure shod sign of health – vitality – and STRENGTH.

And as I am sure you know much like with those other body parts – you cannot hide it – or the lack of it if I might say so – in clothing – even if you want to.

Neck development and forearms – one of the most lacking amongst most modern day men, my friend.

And here’s the thing – pathetic neck development for most modern day men aside, what do you DO to build a bull neck – traps of steel – and so forth ?

Well, it isn’t necessarily hours and hours of bridging as you might expect me to tell you.

Dont get me wrong, the bridging is an excellent, superlative exercise, but it ain’t the be all and end all of neck workouts.

In fact, I’ve found the best workouts to be those that really get you HUFFING and puffing – that really build the chest from the inside out (again, via the proper deep breathing) – those being LEG and back workouts.

If you work the legs and back right, it’s almost impossible to not to have strong, muscular traps and a bull neck – or at least a strong durable neck that is VISIBLE.

Dont get me wrong, bridging – yes, you need to breathe deeply while doing this exercise, but other workouts I’ve found – squats, pull-ups, a lot of the other stuff – even lumberjack workouts – and losing WEIGHT in general – all these help far more in developing a strong neck for the average male – or female, hehe – than any amount of “neck shrugs” or “focused neck work” will.

Thats my take on it, anyway.

And I’m out.

Remember to get the 0 Excuses Fitness System, the closest and best thing to a “survivalist” mode of fitness – which I can’t say is a bad thing entirely!


Rahul Mookerjee

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