My shameless, unabashed opinion on women guilt tripping men and calling them shameless
- Gas lighting, guilt tripping, all of it.

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Gas lighting, guilt tripping, all of it. And women aren’t the only ones that are responsible for this, cucks (men) do it all the time too – except the former sometimes does it to your face, the latter never.

As Chuck once rightly said “they (women) know you wont smack ’em in the head“.


I wouldn’t, I’d just ignore (curiously enough women themselves are the worst in that regard – see the last email I sent out on it, or research just WHO is responsible for the most violence against women, curiously enough or maybe NOT – “women are women’s worst enemies”. HA! So said a WOMAN, not me – though she didnt need to tell me, to be frank).

Anyway, I was recently called shameless by my wife. Par for the course, you’d say, she’d probably call me more names too, which is all perfectly fine, in the past I’d argue with her, now I just nod my head and sort of “hmm it away”.

And write to you later about it sometimes.

With women, there’s no sense banging your head against a brick wall.

I mean, when an idiot with NO clue on how to do any real business or deal with overseas business etc says youre shameless because “your payments are delayed coming in” (it was the weekend, Jeez!) – or “you should have planned in advance” (when I DID plan in advance, and she of course figured out something or the other “the house needed or some crap” to take that advance) – then sometimes it’s best to just turn the other cheek.

As Putin rightly said (as any real doer knows and has said) – it’s pointless arguing with women in general.

I’m sure some are good.

but in general …

As a customer here rightly pointed out “Women want everything NOW!”

Anyway …..

Shameless, that I am.

Hehe. And I proudly shamelessly say the following – what is shameless is popping a baby out without the father consenting to it and then expecting “miracles” like damn near daily, and giving the dad next to no rights (so she tries) and so forth.

She ain’t the only one either by far – HA!

And then of course guilt tripping the father about everything, of course when she herself has those same issues, then it’s the exact opposite “woe betide me”.

Here is what is not shameless, but downright pathetic (well, the above too) –

Resigning yourself to a life of fuckin mediocrity.

Never failing at anything – because you never tried anything of note.

Never bothering to expand your skill set, never bothering to – or daring to do something on your OWN – something which requires long term vision, long term thinking, and so forth …

Constantly blaming everyone else for your own woes – yelling at everyone “because I’m a woman so I can” and so forth.

I swear, the minute women (some) start making a little bit of money …


Anyway, I think I just described the vast bulk of people in general here, not just women – though when it comes to guilt tripping and whining and moaning, women are by far the worst in that regard.

Shameless, end of the day, even if you dont need them for anything, they’ll find a way to whine and end of the day it’ll all boil down to what Chuck said, and what any real man knows.

“I’m a woman, so …”

Anyway – there is a way to “be a woman” and a way not to. A Certain “Carol” could tell you all about that, as well as a host of others I know.

Now anyway …

You as a man can either fight about this, or do what the smart ones do ie me – benefit from all this. And this is how I do it…

Oh, you know what else is downright pathetic – the level of fitness most people have these days.

The way most people keep falling sick and expect the world to say “oh, poor chap!”

The way people expect to be molly coddled these days.

The way phat phockers claim “we have a different body type” when they themselves know fully well they’re fucking obese to say the least, and “we’re big, but not fat” … and other related BS, and of course, the “be niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee crap” you see going on so often these days.

I’d rather stick to doing what works – both life wise and fitness wise.

And fitness wise, THIS is the system that has worked wonders for me, and will do so for you too if you let it.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

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