What a cooking enthusiast thought about our great book “Dish Delicious!”
- And we're only on Volume ONE!

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I really got to get the wife in a better mood, so we can come out with Volume Two of that book.


If it ever happens.


I know thats my job … I’m admittedly very lax in that regard as well, hehe.

Anyway – just got this great review in for Dish Delicious from a Portugese reader in Brazil, Helena Loureiro.

The book is amazing and as a cooking enthusiast I can’t wait to try those recipes myself.  I’ll actually try the fried spinach recipe for meal prep tonight and I’m looking forward to try the spaghetti with meatballs (using chicken as well!) soon!
And you know if a cooking enthusiast says it – it’s GOOD!
(not to mention, and no, I ain’t being chauvinstic, I’m being REALISTIC – when a woman praises “another woman” – or God(dess) forbid a man) Hehe.
Actually the “praising other women” part is noteworthy, if you dont agree, you dont really know women well enough. Haha.
And she is NOT the only one either.
A book every culinary enthusiast MUST HAVE.
(that was a reader from India, name withheld upon request!)
Anyway, yours truly –
Hi Helena,
Thanks for your comments on the book – truly super much appreciated! Yes, my wife is a damn good cook hehe – those recipes all came from her. Hopefully she will be in a “good mood” sometime soon so we can continue with Volume Two of the book as well, hehe…. (probably my job to put her in that good mood? LOL).
Anyway – yeah, lt me know your feedback on the recipes – I’m most interested to hear that, and will that pass that on to my wife as well … <rest chopped>
My wife once demanded to know “which girl will cook such delicious food for you!”  – that was during a battle to “cut my hair” which of course you guys probably know the outcome there. Hehe. Since childhood, the one thing Rahul Mookerjee (well, one amongst many) has NOT done, or not wanted to do at all I should say – cut or trim that luxuriant wild mane.
Much like my nature, it is what it is. It shall REMAIN that way.
Anyway, I could name several that would.
Maybe it would be prudent NOT TO. LOL. Maybe the wife is dead on right on this one.
Sometimes, often times, I know which battles NOT to fight, or even engage in. Hehe.
And thats that, short one for now.
With all the interest in FOOD going on, this one might be one y’all want to get NOW.
No pre-orders for Volume Two as yet, that will happen “by and by” as it were…
Best ,
Rahul Mookerjee
PS – Along with the “Simple and Effective Diet” (Volume Two on that out soon too) – I might just put these into a giant compilation. We’ll see, for now, remember, The Simple and Effective Diet is also a must have, and yours GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System (digital download).

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