Why so called girly workouts are sometimes the BEST.
- Glyn, you might wanna read this... LOL/

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Ever notice that Bollywood, at least as of yore -had all these “song and dance routines”?

I dont know why, but people in India in general seemed to love ’em that way – sometimes songs that make no sense, completely meaningless…

With utterly drop dead GORGEOUS women of course. Hehe.

Which is probably (the women) why a lot of Indians so watched the songs, both male and female.

But while yours truly as WELL NOTED before is NOT a Bollywood fan – I’ve watched some of their most recent movies, and they’re alright too, but less singing and dancing, perhaps the industry has at long last finally progressed beyond that but given how every damned movie these days be it in Hollywood or Bollywood is a repeat of something they made years ago … well!

Or, repeats of Tollywood in the case of Bollywood.

I dont know why – actually I do know, that WAR movies are on the rise, world wars and such renacted. Given what is going on in the world – HA!

(if you can’t spot it you’re a prime fool and bozo to be honest).

But anyway.

one key feature in those lovely “thumkas” as they call ’em in India?

The women moving their hips – literally rotating them! – sort of like in China, where a favored workout for women is to take a hoopla ring (I believe they call ’em) – and use ONLY the core – read the hips and CORE (read Corrugated Core for a true description of what core is) …

The gyrations aside, that is workout unto itself, my friend, and it ain’t how most people do it either. …

You do it from the HIPS – much like the “girly workouts” a certain Angel once told me about.

Trust me on this one. Those sort of workouts are very popular in China too …  China has no Bollywood, but girls often do similar things, rotating a lovely hoopla ring around them for what seems like forever, and really – it’s a lower back and core workout bar none if you start from the ass and do it RIGHT.


Ahem. Glyn? Hehe.

That brings me to the point of this – it isn’t just a workout to strip away fat, make your entire core region stronger so you can take more dong, hehe – it isn’t just to improve digestion and so many other things that people say fitness wise (mostly true) – it ain’t to make you a “Silence of the Lambs” pyschotic nutjob like Glyn Schofield (that guy, ugh! is), gyrating naked in front of the mirror while plotting his next move… (against women. Ugh).

(Glyn of course with his insanity and micro you know what would love that sort of thing – he keeps parading the former everywhere anyway as if it was a badge of honor – ugh – and the workout, well, he wouldn’t be able to do it anyway, that lower back would collapse with that mammoth belly of his before he could think or utter the word “sissy” that apparently this fool so loves. Ugh, just ugh, these rainbow loving lunatics…)

Actually, yours truly was doing just that today – except it wasn’t in front of a mirror. And it was to do with the movement itself, nothing else, certainly no Glyn stuff going on – I remembered for one when my lovely wife and me would work out together.

Those days long gone now, obviously. Hehe.

But she’d often giggle at my attempts to do the Asian squat right (I was too fat) – and how I gyrated my hips wrong, again, I was so fat, truly “phat phocker” status back then.

Anyway, happier times as one person said recently, as evidenced in the book above – as well as “Fast and Furious Fitness“, “Dish Delicious” and so forth (and no, my wife wan’t always a card carry Nazi feminist, she was far better when I met her, then again, at that point she got what she wanted, always, especially $$ wise so obviously…!).


Anyway, a variant of this workout is shown in the first book above, and let me tell you, like some of those other workouts in it – it is a lower back and core workout like NO other.

Point of me saying this is simple, my friend.

Some of the girliest routines – and workouts – are some of the toughest ever.

Like dancing, for one.

Ballet. (ask Van Damme).

Or, what I’ve mentioned above…

It’s worth it to sometimes remove “labels” and just do the thing – a lot of so called big guys that are fat and pump away at the gym or home while actually doing nothing worthwhile would do very well to learn from … well, the “thumkas”. And “jhatkas” and matkas. Hehe.

Basically hips, twisting and turning and such … TORQUING.

Anyway, thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And, also because most people have NO understanding of what the core really is, or why a six pack really dont matter, and the muscles that DO matter…

(no they ain’t just the obliques or what you think either. The REAL muscle that matters -no, it aint down there either – is something most would never think of, yet it is the one that REALYL COUNTS!!!!).

It ain’t your brain either, though damn skippy that does COUNT for a hell of a damn lot. Trust me, you have NO clue until you read the book.

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